Spinward of Klybo and hidden in the unexplored reaches of the Markayn Marches, Shathar would have been an ideal colony world were it not for the monstrous wildlife and abundance of lethal flora. Perfectly placed within its system’s habitable ring, the thick atmosphere has created a world covered in jungle, steppes, and swamp. Narrow bands of temperate climate exist in the upper and lower latitudes but quickly give away to perpetual, frozen twilight near the poles.

This Death World was colonized entirely by accident. During the warp storms surrounding the events of the Age of Apostasy a flotilla of Imperial Guard transports crash landed on Shathar. The storms had killed their astropaths and the six surviving regiments eventually had to settle Shathar in order to survive. Within a few generations the harsh conditions of their new home had reduced them to a techno-primitive tribal culture.

Each tribe’s culture was heavily influenced by the regiment they were descended from. The two strongest tribal groups were the descendants of the Bar-El Penal Legion and Bar-El Battlegroup Nemesis. Bar-el was a Feral World and, while it was nowhere near as dangerous as Shathar, its people were well suited to survival on an uncolonized Death World. The former group came to be led by clan Korshek, and the later by clan Kennok…

The Finrecht Highlanders had been nomadic tribesmen and herders. They simply returned to their old ways in short order. The much more dangerous lands of Shathar left them smaller than the other tribes, but they came to master many of Shathar’s beasts where others could not. They have come to be known as “The Seekers of the Far Lands”, believing that one day the All-father would return from the stars to take them to their promised land.

The Lanhear 19th Dragoons were initially dominant due to their extensive armory and fleet of armored vehicles. Once resources ran thin, however, the other tribes descended on the soldiers of Lanhear with vengeful fury. The remnants still possessed the most technical acumen of any tribe and came to be the keepers and protectors of the “Sacred Arks”, the shattered hulls of the crashed transport vessels. Eventually the tribe became a neutral, specialized religious order known as the Mnemosyne.

The Phalon 8th and 9th were another pair of regiments with a shared homeworld. The only difference between them was still significant. The 8th and 9th were the male and female segments of the most recent tithe from the hives of Phalon, respectively. They are the only groups to have both remained cohesive and retained ties to their original name, referred to as the Phalsho and Phalma.

The most remarkable descendants of the crash survivors are philosophic rather than lineal. Battlegroup Nemesis had multiple teams of sanctionites, combat psykers, attached to their unit along with an Inquisitor and his support staff. It didn’t take long for the Inquisitor to discover that Shathar had an abundance of psychically active crystal veins. The Inquisitor was more pragmatic than dogmatic and developed a program to prevent Shathar from becoming a Daemon World.

THe Inquisitor, his staff, and the sanctionites worked to develop an order founded on the principals of the Scholastica Psykana and steeped in a simplified version of the Imperial Creed. Politics, terror, mind-control, and darker techniques were used to ensure that the regiment’s descendants would retain the


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