Warp Auger

Experimental Mechanicum Auspex Device


Currently owned by Enginseer Prime Vinter Stum. A bulky harness that requires at least an MIU, and is both difficult and dangerous to use without full Mechanicus Implants.

An Explorator or Tech Priest wearing this device may use Tech-Use (Int) as though it were the Psyniscience skill, though at a -20 penalty. This is a full action.

Someone with only an MIU may merely make a Perception (-30) test as though using psyniscience. Regardless of their success or failure the user must then test Willpower (+0) or gain 1d5 insanity and 1 corruption. Finally, an MIU-only user suffers a -20 penalty to all Agility based tests while wearing the harness.


Experimental and quite possibly heretical technology developed by an offshoot of the Disciples of Thule.

Warp Auger

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