"Archeotech" Saturnine-Pattern 4A "Ultra" Plasma Drive

Improbable Archeotech Plasma Drive


The Saturnine-Pattern 4A “Ultra” Plasma Drive design is a fairly new innovation by Imperial standards. The first prototype Battlecruiser drive was designed a little over 4,000 years ago and the “Ultra” concept now in use is even more recent. While this drive is clearly built with ancient (or at least ancient looking) tech from a bygone era, it is also clearly a 4A “Ultra” template drive. Either the drive is new or the 4A “Ultra” pattern is much older than previously known.

All that is certain is that this drive was installed in the Corpus Dei after the Mayorga Dynasty returned the cogitator core of Thule’s lost fleet from the Hecaton Rifts.


"Archeotech" Saturnine-Pattern 4A "Ultra" Plasma Drive

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