Vessels of Note

The Mayorga Dynastic Fleet

Corpus Dei
Flagship of the Dynasty

Black Doge
Star Clipper currently supporting the Corpus Dei

Darkening Petrichor
Stealth enhanced frigate, currently tasked as trade route escort with the Gyre.

Widening Gyre
Haunted and possibly damned transport. Currently running the “Kaptain’s” trade route.

Surfeit of Moral Lassitude Decommissioned
Former dynastic flagship, irreparably damaged during the escape from the Hecaton Rifts.

Ships Known to the Mayorga Dynasty

Mork’s Kunning
Ork Kustomized Lathe-class Monitor-Cruiser. Originally claimed from the censured Magos “Ferdinand”. It was traded to Ammer’Ed in exchange for his assistance and support in clearing the other orks and rogue traders from the Grace system.

Ancient Grand Cruiser and flagship of the Cygnus Dynasty. Last seen fleeing the Grace system after enduring a series of battles with other vessels before being ambushed by the Surfeit.

Eye of the Omnissiah
Secutor-class Monitor-cruiser. This vessel has been seen frequently docked at Footfall. Little is known about the ship’s tech-priests or captain, and it has become a common topic of rumor and speculation as a result.

Vessels of Note

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