The Scintillian 11th Drop Regiment

The Scintillian 11th was an attempt to create an equivalent force to the famed Elysian Drop Troops. While the 11th was technically a success, the problems in creating and maintaining the 11th resulted in a high wash-out and casualty rate when recruiting was broadened in the hope of founding more drop regiments. Had this program been allowed to continue, the loss of recruits would have threatened both Scintilla’s reputation and their tithe. This has left the 11th as a bit of an oddity amongst Scintilla’s soldiers, and while they remain highly respected they have suffered consistent logistical problems with staying properly equipped and reinforced.

The respected position of Scintilla’s only Drop Regiment, along with the natural talents and independent attitude so common amongst drop troops has caused the 11th to become a collection of unconventional individuals rarely seen within the normally rigid structure of the Imperial Guard. The 11th has come together as an extremely effective and well-coordinated fighting force in large part due to the efforts of one man, Colonel Alesaunder Ramirez. As strong-willed and hotheaded as the rest of his troops, Ramirez rose through the ranks via countless acts of selfless (though some say it was simply reckless) valor.

Colonel Ramirez leads his troops from the front, inspiring them to take risks for the good of their units while rallying the lot to ensure they stay coordinated. The Commissars assigned to the 11th spend much less time enforcing morale and much more keeping their units focused and away from excessive glory hunting. While this stye of leadership has been extremely effective for the 11th, it has not made them popular with high command, and made them an excellent candidate for assignment to Mayorga.

Ramirez’ favored tactics take advantage of his troops’ ability to operate independently, frequently laying down a wall of smoke and chaff to cut off visibility and the enemy’s chain of command. Equipped with preysense goggles and a faith in their fellow soldiers the 11th descend into the confused enemy ranks and tears them apart with ruthless precision. The 11th’s comfort with the hives of their homeworld also translates very well for shipboard actions, while their equipment and drop training leaves them more comfortable with the complications of voidship combat than many voidborn.

Base Regiment Stats (Applied before a soldier chooses their class/specialty)

Homeworld: Scintilla (Hive: 3 pts)
Commander: Colonel Alesaunder Ramirez (Choleric: 2 pts)
Regiment Type: Drop Troops (3 pts)
Training Doctrines: Close Order Drill (2 pts), Hardend Fighters (2 pts)
Favored Special Equipment: Meltagun, Missile Laucher (+10 to Logistics/Acquisition Tests to Equip troops)
Regiment Points Spent: 12 of 12, 0 Remaining

Attributes: +6 Agility, +2 Weapon Skill
Skills: Speak (Low Gothic), Decieve, Common Lore (Imperium), Pilot (Aeronautica)
Talents: Catfall, Street Fighting, Rapid Reaction, Combat Formation OR Double Team, Heightened Senses (Hearing) OR Paranoia OR Unremarkable
Traits: Accustomed to Crowds, Hivebound

Standard-Issue Equipment (Before Adding Class/Specialization Equipment)

One Uniform
One Parade/Dress Uniform
One Set Poor Weather Gear
One Imperial Guard Las Carbine w/ Mono-Blade Attachment and 4 Charge Packs
One Knife
One Suit Imperial Guard Flak Armor
One Grav Chute
One Respirator
Two Frag Grenades
Two Smoke Grenades
One Micro-Bead Comm Unit
One Preysense Goggles
One Rucksack
One Set Basic Tools
One Mess Kit and Canteen
One Sleepbag and Blanket
One Rechargeable Lamp Pack
One Grooming Kit
One Set Cognomen Tags
One Uplifting Imperial Primer
Two Weeks Combat Rations

Bonus Equipment (While Assigned to the Mayorga Dynasty)

Chameleoline Cloak
One Advanced Medkit per squad

The Scintillian 11th Drop Regiment

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