The Consequences of Poverty

This is a list of the problems that the initially impoverished (PF < 20) crew/dynasty faced at the beginning of the campaign.

The Silent Choir: The ship’s astropathic choir is empty, a staff of new astropaths will need to be acquired. Until this is remedied “Lux” is your only means of communication, and he/she1 will have to work without support.

Supplies are tight: Thanks to the extended vaults this is not an immediate problem, but if the next endeavor doesn’t go well severe shortages could become a real danger.

Reduced Relevance: Support from the Navis Nobilae is waning. Again this isn’t as bad as it would normally be; thanks to your affiliation with a Renegade House this is significantly mitigated (one of the few upsides). However, there are no junior navigators on staff to support Master Or (actually, because you have “renowned warrant” you will retain a single junior navigator). You’ll need to show that your dynasty is still relevent, or do something awesome for the house in order to become fully staffed again.

Debt Threat: If your thin finances become further strained in any way, mounting debts could reduce your ability to maximize profits on future endeavors (i.e. you will take penalties to profit factor awards).

Morale Shock: If your finical situation is ever felt by your crew morale will suffer in ways that will be difficult to mend. You also do not have the ability to spend thrones (sacrifice achievement points from your endeavor) in order to restore morale until your profit factor climbs above 30, due to the sheer size of your crew (approx. 95,000 people).

Frozen Economy: Your ship is nothing less than a flying city. As the crew are almost entirely new (post-reconstruction) they have not yet established their own culture and economy within your vessel’s hab complex. Some investment or massive infusion of capital will be required to get this going. However, because a large number of your crew hail from a forge world you have a short window before this kicks in. Either gaining more than 10 PF from a single endeavor or sacrificing 2 PF permanently will jump-start your ship’s culture and economy (which will have a number of benefits).

Blood in the Water: Thanks to your “Renowned Warrant” talent this is yet another issue that will be mitigated. However, with your dynasty’s fortunes so badly strained other Rogue Traders and the powers that associate with them are going to take notice and seek advantage. Even Pirates will be a greater threat as they will feel less threat of retribution. Some may even seek to usurp your warrant.

Pressure from Home: The remnants of your dynasty are going to be watching you very carefully, possibly even installing a clandestine cadre of house agents on your ship to keep an eye on you. They may even attempt to remove you from power should you appear to be faltering.

1 Only Kerchan knows “Lux’s” gender

The Consequences of Poverty

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