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Inhabitants of the Corpus Dei

Anna Casmirre
Rescued from the blasted plains of Grace and given the name of the Lord Captain’s mother. Carries memento of her namesake. Daughter of Ship’s Steward Mathias Casmirre. Recently made heir presumptive of the Mayorga Dynasty.

Sister Encaterina (Deceased)
Former servant of Inquisitor Garthin, she executed her former master upon witnessing an apparent miracle evoked by Anna Casmirre. She has since sworn to serve and protect the girl, even from the sister’s peers in the Ecclesiarchy. In a twist of fate she was inadvertently revealed to be a servant of the Ruinous powers marked by Tzeentch by Interrogator Delphi. She was killed along with a small host of daemons.

One of the last surviving members of the old Lightbearer order and faith, also one of the few ranking non-psykers within the order. After his people were saved by the Dynasty he helped Lux restore the comatose captain. He has since stayed on to prevent Encaterina from “brainwashing” Anna with Ecclesiarchal dogma.

Allies of House Mayorga

High Fabricator Castellar
Current High Fabricator of the Lathe Worlds. Has been in power for decades now, and has become a reliable and critical ally of the Mayorga Dynasty. Was personally responsible for granting the Corpus Dei to Lord Captain Mayorga.

“Kaptin” Ammer’Ed
Ork Kommando turned privateer enjoying a lucrative trade arrangement with the Dynasty.

Aspyce Chorda
A dangerous ally, Chorda is in competition with Calligos Winterscale for domination of the Koronus Expanse.

Watch Commander Mordigael
Leader of the Deathwatch and master of the Vigil. Currently a hesitant but sincere ally of the Dynasty due its work relating to the Omega Vault.

Iris Pendleton
Newly raised Dynast of the Pendleton dynasty. A moderate that was put in power via Mayorga’s influence and funding. She is loyal and indebted to the Mayorga Dynasty.

Lord Sector Marius Hax
The Sector Governor of Calixis. He has become a minor political ally of house Mayorga, and appears to be open to an expansion of this relationship.

Rivals and Enemies of the Dynasty

Gabriel Cygnus
Head of the Cygnus Dynasty and one of the primary figures responsible for dismantling House Mayorga’s assets.

Cardinal Armandus
The Cardinal Astral who orchestrated the Ecclesiarchy’s seizure of Mayorga’s homeworld and the dynasty’s subsequent collapse.

Korshek the Red
A Shathar warlord that converted to the Red Redemptionist creed. Worked in tandem with a puritan inquisitor and the Ecclesiarchy to conquer Shathar after his defeat at the hands of Kerchan Bron Kennok.

Inquisitor Hezika Carmillus
An Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Xenos and Inquisitor of the Chamber. Resentful and suspicious of Mayorga and his allies after they caused her to be publicly shamed and censured by Mordigael when he took over the Fate’s Key project and forced her out.

Other Key Figures

Calligos Winterscale
Unquestionably the most powerful (public) figure in the Expanse. With the Mayorga dynasty’s alliance to Chorda some level of conflict with Winterscale is inevitable. So far conflict has been limited to competition for the occasional objective with his lesser proxies, which has been smoothed over with diplomatic care as much as possible.

Rogue's Gallery

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