New Talents and Skills

New Talents

Requires: Scholastic Lore (Occult) and Forbidden Lore (Daemonology)

This talent works differently for those who already possess a psy rating than for those who do not. For non-psykers this talent gives the sorcerer an effective psy rating of 2. The sorcerer uses the second entry of Table 6-11 but may not use powers at “Fettered” strength. Any powers must also be learned as separate sorcery techniques.

For those who already possess a psy rating this talent is a bit more complex. When using a psychic technique the psyker has the option to empower it with sorcery or use the power normally. If empowering with sorcery the psyker’s effective psy-rating goes up by one and they use the second entry on table 6-11. Empowering via sorcery may never be done at “fettered” strength. Lastly this talent allows the psyker to learn additional powers as sorcerous abilities. Sorcerer techniques/powers are always considered “empowered” as above.

Should an astropath ever take up sorcery (a rare event to say the least) there is an additional complication. Sorcery is such a deep violation of the Astropath’s bond with the God-Emperor that its use suppresses the protections of soul-binding for at least twice the duration of the ability used, possibly far longer. Theosophamy techniques may never be empowered via sorcery, any attempt to combine the two fails automatically and forces the astropath to make a WP test at -20 or be knocked unconscious by the backlash.

1 Phenomena from unfettered power use roll on the chart with +5 per point of effective psy rating. Pushing may increase psy by up to 4, but automatically generates psychic phenomena at +10 per bonus point in addition to the possible phenomena listed for unfettered powers.

Master Fabricator
Requires: Trade (Armorer or Shipwright) +20, Trade (Technomat) +20, Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus or Archeotech)

This rare talent allows the development and production of new technology, along with the required rites and prayers, within the sacred designs of the Omnissiah. While blasphemous applications are quite possible a Fabricator’s innovations are not inherently heretical. This effectively expands the application of any technological trade skill. Finally, penalties for development of new technology are reduced by 20.

Note: This ability is tightly restricted by the Mechanicum and generally possessed only by the highest ranking Magi of the Forge worlds. While a handful of other (dangerously progressive or even outright heretical) Tech Priests and Hereteks have managed to cultivate this talent, the Mechanicum will go to extraordinary lengths to exterminate any would-be fabricators who have not received their sanction. Effectively this means that when this advance is purchased the character must either possess Good Reputation (Adeptus Mechanicus) or receive Enemy (Adeptus Mechanicus).

Transcendence of the Machine
Requires: Mechanicus Implants, Must not have undergone the “Rite of Pure Thought”, Special

Deep within the Mechanicum’s holy archives, sealed away from all but the most trusted of its faithful, lie hints of an altogether different path to the grace of the Machine God. This path is dangerous, uncertain, and nearly crossing into the darkest extremes of tech-heresy every step of the way. However, it is still a viable path to ascension, and can not be wholly discarded by the coldly logical priests of the Machine God.

A Tech-Priest that successfully navigates the dangers of this forbidden path find themselves changed in ways they could not have anticipated. This path results in a perfect cognitive balance of human and machine, becoming part of each but far more than either. Logic is no longer cold to the Transcendent, but abstracted beyond the simple limits of hard data into a universal interpretive model.

The once illogical realm of normal human emotion and behavior are laid bare to the Transcendant. The complex, and frequently flawed, underlying logic of these systems is now evident. While not subject to the flaws of these systems themselves, such Transcendants can understand, predict, and manipulate these systems in others just as they would a recalcitrant plasma drive core.

Conversely, the raw logical processing power of the machine is now in harmony with the intuitive modeling of the human mind, rather than pitted against it. When the facts and data available are not sufficient to provide a straightforward conclusion, the Transcendant can expand their analysis to all the data within their grasp, no matter how irrelevant to the matter at hand.

Through this process of sortilage the third movement of an Ecclesiarchal hymnal from M37 might reveal the missing component of an ancient xenos ship’s reactor or the obituaries from Malfi could indicate the correct model for the orbital decay of an erratic planetoid in the Hydraphur system. While this may appear supernatural to an outside observer, it is simply the human talent for pattern recognition unfettered by bias and enhanced by the boons of the Omnissiah.

Game Effects: Fellowship immediately increases by 10. Additionally, Fellowship advances now cost 100, 250, 500, and 750. This does not affect any advances that have already been purchased.

The following advances may be purchased regardless of rank:
Charm/+10/+20 – 200xp each
Talented (Charm) – 200xp
Deceive/+10/+20 – 200xp each
Talented (Deceive) – 200xp
Scrutiny/+10/+20 – 200xp each
Talented (Scrutiny) – 200xp
Command/+10/+20 – 200xp each
Talented (Command) – 200xp
Air of Authority – 300xp
Inspire Wrath – 300xp
Master Orator – 300xp
Foresight – 200xp
Infused Knowledge – 500xp

Finally, if the Transcendant possesses the Infused Knowledge talent, the Foresight talent is greatly enhanced. After making an intelligence-based test (or one could not be made at all due to lack of available data, GM’s discretion), the Tech-Priest may choose to use Enhanced Foresight to retry the test.

Whether retrying the test or skipping straight to using this technique, by spending 10 minutes absorbing all possible information the Transcendant may roll again at +20, additionally some penalties to the test may be negated. Beyond allowing a second attempt at the test, much more can be learned using this technique than from a normal test.

There is one potential drawback to this technique, however. Should the test fail by 2 or more DoF the Transcendant comes to a wildly incorrect conclusion, and can not be swayed from this conviction without hard evidence (or possibly mind-control). Failure by less that this still results in a convincing and wrong conclusion, but it will be blatantly incorrect to the Transcendant.

New Talents and Skills

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