Modified Class Option - Melee Militant

The standard Arch-Militant is a fairly modern warrior who has a generalized mastery of all forms of combat. I feel it would be sensible for some variants to be more specialized, particularly those from Death, Feral, or Forge worlds to be able to be more specialized in more primitive or advanced forms of combat (melee, melee, and ranged, respectively). Here are the changes for a melee focused Arch-Militant.


Weapon Skill Advances cost 100,250,500,750
Ballistic Skill Advances cost 250,500,750,1000


Rank 2
Remove Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)
Remove Flame Weapon Training (Universal)
Add Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee)

Rank 3
Remove Crack Shot
Add Flame Weapon Training (Universal)

Rank 4
Remove Hip Shooting
Remove Dual Shot
Remove Deadeye Shot
Add Crack Shot
Add Dual Strike
Add Unarmed Warrior

Rank 5
Remove Gunslinger
Remove Independent Targeting
Remove Marksman
Remove Unarmed Warrior
Add Hip Shooting
Add Dual Shot
Add Deadeye Shot
Add Swift Attack
Add Iron Jaw
Add Blademaster

Rank 6
Remove Sharpshooter
Remove Iron Jaw
Add Precise Blow
Add Assassin Strike
Add Counter Attack
Add Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)
Add Unarmed Master

Rank 7
Remove Step Aside
Remove Assassin Strike
Remove Precise Blow
Add Wall of Steel
Add Sharpshooter

Rank 8
Remove Wall of Steel
Add Gunslinger
Add Independent Targeting
Add Marksman
Add Step Aside
Add Dual Shot


Rank 3
Remove Drive (Ground Vehicles)
Add Wrangling

Rank 4
Remove Drive (Ground Vehicles) +10
Add Survival

Rank 5
Remove Drive (Ground Vehicles) +20
Add Wrangling +10

Rank 6
Remove Wrangling
Remove Survival
Add _Drive (Ground Vehicles) +10
Add Survival +10

Rank 7
Remove Tech Use
Remove Survival +10
Add Survival +20
Add Wrangling +20
Add Tracking +20

Rank 8
Remove Survival +20
Remove Wrangling +10
Add Tech Use
Add Drive (Ground Vehicles) +20

Modified Class Option - Melee Militant

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