Custom Lineage Options

Note that all of the below options are different interpretations of the same theme/story.  Basically instead of choosing between different formative events, each package implies different perspectives and goals.

Originally written for Lord Captain Mayorga

Heir Apparent – 100xp
You were groomed from birth to lead, to guide your house to greatness.  Though your house has fallen, you rule a starship instead of a planet, hold a warrant of trade instead of a governor’s scepter, your responsibilities have not changed.  You are the heir to an empire, and if you have to forge it piece by piece with your own hands that is what you will do.
Benefit: Talented (Choose any skill)

The Last Child - 200xp
It now seems as though every last one of them are dead and gone.  Nearly everyone you grew up with, everyone you ever knew as a youth, practically your entire family has been put to the sword.  You are all that remains, either the last hope or the last defiant gasp of your family’s vaunted history.  You have shed your name, your petty personal wants, and much of who you used to be to become the living avatar of a 10,000 year long legacy of glory.
Benefits: Gain Barter, Trade (Pick any), and +3 to Intelligence or Fellowship.  Normally this also comes with -3 profit factor, but instead I’ll just deduct that after your first successful endeavor is complete (consider it paying off the debts you incurred rebuilding).

The One to Redeem Them – 300xp
The Ecclesiarchy robbed your family of their home, looted their coffers, and shamed your line with thinly disguised lies and slander to justify their avarice.  Heretek agents and vicious, opportunistic rival houses swept in to scour those who fled the Ecclesiarchy’s influence and scooped up the remains of your house’s fortune under the guise of “divine sanction”.

No matter how thick their lies there are enough that remember the truth, old friends and allies who see the slander for what it is.  There are also the agents of the Machine God, old allies and the ultimate adherents to logic and cold, hard truth who care little for the petty machinations of man.  You will gather allies, salvage the remains of your house, and redeem your dynasty’s name and fortune.  Then… then there will be hell to pay.
Benefits: Talented (Commerce), +50 to every objective on all endeavors (that means +1 or 2 PF from every successful endeavor).  However, this entails an immediate 1 point reduction in your PF.

Originally written for Warp Guide “Master Or”

Heir Apparent - 300xp
Your house has a dark reputation, and has frequently undertaken experiments that would cause members of the more traditional houses to rip out their Warp Eye in horror.  Yet you have been raised from birth to not only endure, but to thrive while aggressively experimenting on the bleeding edge of genetics and warpcraft.  Where the magistral houses see madness, abomination, and heresy you see evolution and power.  Backed by the Genetors of the Adeptus Mechanicus your family has been largely shielded from censure, and you work on one of the Mayorga dynasty’s vessel to further strengthen that bond.  Your father has a long time yet left to rule, but you are prepared to take up the reigns of command when the time comes, and your family knows that you will be a champion of their ascension.
Benefits: Talented(Any), Medicae, Forbidden Lore(Genetics).  You also take on 1d5 corruption and insanity.  Finally, your position within even a renegade house comes with considerable influence, increasing Profit Factor by 1.

Uncertain Inheritance - 300xp
So far from the light of the Astronomican, the intrigues of the renegade houses make the politics of the Navis Nobilae look like a child’s pantomime.  You’ve grown up in shadows so deep that concepts such as “paranoia” or “suspicion” have lost any meaning.  You have risen through the ranks by taking greater risks than your opponents, and your position on your current vessel is no exception.  Should the master of house Mayorga succeed in restoring his dynasty with your help, your position and prestige within your house will skyrocket, as will your power over it.  Should he fail, well there are other ways to turn his situation to your advantage…
Benefits: Paranoia, Decieve, +3 Intelligence or Perception.

Vile Revelations - 400xp
Genetic experiments, warpcraft research bordering on outright heresy, and torturous trials pushing you to evolve or die were the foundation of your family’s work, and considered too extreme even by some of the other renegade houses.  For you, however, they were just basic training.  You have taken endless risks with your own soul in search of evolution towards ascension, and it has been worth every scar, every tear at your soul, every shock-induced blackout.  Your work stands out even amongst your perilously experimental house, and the warp is clearer to your eyes than any other.
Benefits: Talented (Forbidden Lore: Warp) and you gain one Navigator Power.  However, your evolution has come at considerable cost; you also gain an additional navigator mutation along with 2d5 corruption and 2d5 insanity.

Originally written for Master at Arms Kerchan Bron Kennok

Witch Knowledge - 300xp
Your family has long been tied to the Light-Bearers (i.e. unsanctioned psykers) of the death-world Shathar.  Serving as guardians, champions, and sometimes even assassins, the mysteries of the warp and the horror of the daemon are well known to you.  Then Korshek the Red rose to power and everything changed.  This new warlord was armed with weapons and armor the likes of which had rarely been seen on your world before; each such tech-artifact a rare, sacred, and powerful prize.  Yet Korshek’s Red Horde were armed with hundreds of these weapons, and he quickly united your world under his rule.

With his rule he also brought a new faith that discarded the ancient ways of the land and the All-Father, replacing centuries of tradition with foreign orthodoxy.  When he began harvesting the “Witch-born” to be sent to the black ships, your family finally rebelled.  The rebellion drew you even closer to the ways of the Light-Bearers, and left you with a deep understanding and mutual respect for those who could control the power of the warp while remaining pure.
Benefits: Forbidden Lore (Psykers) and Peer (Astropaths).  Psykers also find it easier to connect with your mind, and you are more readily aware of such contact.

Powerful Legacy - 400xp
You were the daughter of one of the most powerful warlords of Shathar, and you frequently led his warriors to victory against the neighboring clans and colonies.  For years you were lauded as one of the greatest commanders of your land, feared and respected across the Witchwood and the Blasted Plains alike.  When Korshek’s Red Horde came to your lands you were at the forefront of the resistance and later, the rebellion.  When you finally struck him down you were hailed as a champion and hero.

Then the Inquisition and the Adepta Sororitas came down on your world with power-armor and storm bolters, showing you just how small your war had really been in the vast domain of the Emperor.  Your clan and your traditions were crushed under a power-armored boot, but the true nightmare came when they began rounding up the Light-Bearers, the children, and any other suspected of being touched by the warp.  Many were put to the pyre right then and there, while far more were stolen away on black ships bound for Holy Terra, including your old friend and parnter (“Lux”).  You have accordingly learned the full weight and consequences of command, and none would now dare question your leadership.
Benefits: Talented (Command), Air of Authority, and Might Makes Right.  If the Inquisition takes note of your history they will be very suspicious; you also have Rival (Inquisition).
Might Makes Right: Similar to the Ork talent of the same name.  You may use strength rather than Fellowship for all Command tests. However, you can only do this when leading your troops in person and “from the front” (i.e. you have to be fighting alongside your troops).

Outraged Scion - 300xp
Shathar’s rebellion pushed many of your people to extremes once the Inquisition began their crackdown.  While many resorted to desperate risks, suicide squads, and terrorist tactics; your family went even further.  Many of the witches and warp-touched you had allied with began unleashing dangerous, uncontrolled warp-powers they didn’t fully comprehend.  Some of your family that lacked advanced weapons or psychic ability delved into the formerly sealed black arts of sorcery.  When supernatural power and your warriors simply were not enough, the most unstable warp-touched would tear ragged holes in reality near enemy fortifications and let the warp and its nightmare beasts do the fighting for them.

While these blasphemies and atrocities horrified you, you consoled yourself with the knowledge that these were simply the horrors of a war more desperate than your world had ever seen before.  Then you discovered something so heinous that you could no longer rationalize or justify what you had seen: the leaders of your clan had given themselves over to Tzeentch in exchange for the power to fight the Imperial forces.  Knowing what you had to do, you took up the warp blades they had crafted for you and butchered every last member of your heretical clan.  Your last act before turning your back on your world forever was to destroy the cursed weapons, despite their power you could feel them calling out to your soul.
Benefits: Armor of Contempt, Forbidden Lore (Daemonology), Forbidden Lore (Psykers)

Originally “written” for Enginseer Prime Vinter Stum

Dark Secret - 100xp
Benefits: Deceive, Scrutiny.  Your reduced support base results in a loss of 1 Profit Factor.

Secret Taint - 400xp
Benefits: Dark Soul, Deceive, +5 Intelligence or Willpower.  1d10+10 Corruption points.

Vile Insight - 300xp
Benefits: Forbidden Lore (any three*), 2d5 insanity, 2d5 corruption.
*Choices here will determine details of origin.

Originally written for Edmund Swift

Far Reaching Contacts – 300xp
The Swift family’s history is tightly bound to that of the Mayorga dynasty.  Your family has served the dynasty for millennia, ever since the Age of Apostasy and the Crusade of Sebastian Thor.  It was then that the dynasty saved your family, your world, and your souls from the depredations of Goge Vandire.  In the course of these thousands of years of service your family has become a power unto itself with ties that run deep across the imperium… and sometimes even beyond.  You are a loyal vassal to Mayorga, but your family’s value to the dynasty is incalculable and you are thus granted far more independence and leeway than your peers.
Benefits: Peer (Any), Peer (Government), Peer (Eldar)

Prominent Ancestry – 200xp
You were raised in the traditions of the adept and the savant before you began your training as a Seneschal.  The Swift line has librarium archives that rival those of many Administratum vaults and has developed a deep tradition of inquisitive (some might even say subversive) minds and scholarship.
Benefits: Scholastic Lore (Archaic), Scholastic Lore (Legend)

Vile Insight – 300xp
It’s true: the Swift’s have always been curious, inquisitive, and dangerously open minded.  However, you have only now come to learn the full weight of the imperial admonition “An open mind is as a fortress with its gates open and doors unbarred.”  When your lord’s predecessor was killed by heretics wielding dark-technology, your inquisitive mind reached out for insight and understanding where both were damning.  Your mind strained and your soul wept with the knowledge you gained from that warp-born technology, but you now carry an understanding of Mayorga’s enemies that rivals that of the Inquisition itself.
Benefits: Forbidden Lore (Tech-Heresy), Forbidden Lore (Warp), Forbidden Lore (Daemonology).  Also gain 2d5 insanity and 2d5 corruption.

Originally written for Choir Master Telepathica “Lux”

Proven to Be Pure – 300xp
Shathar has always had an unusually high number of psychically gifted children, but despite centuries spent cut-off from the Imperium’s oversight your world has avoided disaster or mass daemonic incursion (an unusual feat for such a world).  This is all due to the traditions of the Light-Bearers, an order that transcends clan and family.  While the warlords ruled the material world and its physical resources, the Light-Bearers were the ultimate and final authority on any other matter they felt required their intervention.  

A collection of seers, wise men and women, spiritualists and priests, even daemonhunters when so required, the Light-Bearers ensured that the massive psychic power of your world was channeled and contained for the good of its people (mostly anyway, there were always a handful of true witches engaging in the black arts running wild).  The trials and initiation rituals you and the others of your order endured were in essence not so different from those of the Scholastica Psycana.  So when the Imperium reestablished contact and laid claim to your world, and you were finally captured by the Inquisition, the terrors of the black ships were as nothing to the people of your order.

Some of the sisters of the Black Ships fearerd your resolve, but in test after test your soul was proven to be beyond reproach.  The strength and purity of your mind and soul should have resulted in a sanction as Psyker Primaris, but your natural inclination for divination and telepathy provided sufficient justification for those who feared you to send you before the Astronomicon, where you would be soul-bound by the Emperor himself or consumed by his holy light.  Before the soul-searing light of the Astronomicon you held your head high and showed no fear as you looked upon the last thing your eyes would ever see.  You didn’t even blink.
Benefits:  Resistance (Psychic Powers), you also gain the Telepathy Power “Mind’s Eye”.

Prominent Ancestry – 200xp
While all those who survive the trials to become Light-Bearers are respected and even revered among the people of Shathar, your family has produced some of the most talented seers of your order.  As such, when your talent was discovered you were given an exceptional education and the best training your family could provide.  Now your mind is as sharp and powerful in academic matters as it is in psychic power.
Benefit: Scholastic Lore (Archaic), Scholastic Lore (Legend)

Unholy Wisdom – 400xp
When the Inquisition began sweeping though Shathar and culling the members of your order, a number of the Light-Bearers broke their vows and turned their back on centuries of faith and tradition in search of power that would liberate your people.  Ancient seals were broken and the full, unfettered power of the warp was turned against the Imperial forces.  When you first saw what your peers and mentors had done you were horrified, certain that their actions were just as dangerous to your people as the Imperium.

Then you saw the pyres.  Scores of your friends and allies, most of whom had never done anything wrong but try and protect their people from a new and poorly understood threat, were falsely condemned for witchcraft and heresy put to the torch.  After seeing this atrocity time and again over the course of the rebellion you finally understood what drove so many of your peers to the black arts, and took up the craft yourself in your battle against the Imperium.  You summoned daemons, engaged in the most dangerous extremes of warpcraft, and slaughtered thousands of Imperial Soldiers, Adepta Sororitas, Imperial Guard, and even took down at least one Inquisitor; all the while you remained heedless to the cost on your soul.

Finally, when it was clear that no matter how many more you killed your rebellion would soon fall, you engaged in a final rite to seal your sorcerous powers away. At the very least you knew it would buy your soul time and allow you to pass through the Imperial bureaucracy unnoticed.  The Black Ships, a terrifying and mind-shattering trial to most sanctioned psykers, was a joke compared to the horrors you had already faced.  You passed all of the sisters’ tests without effort, telling them what they wanted to hear, and were nearly sanctioned as a full Psyker Primaris… then everything went to hell.

One of the sisters who survived a battle against you and your daemonic forces recognized you.  She was, thankfully, unable to place where she had seen you, but recognition alone was damning.  You probably would have been executed on the spot had you not passed their tests and trials so spectacularly.  So it was decided you would be placed before the Emperor as a final test, to see if your soul was truly clean enough to serve.  The next night was a dark one, even for you, as you resigned yourself to what was inevitably to come.  Reflecting on all you had done you realized just how far you truly had fallen and despaired.

By the next morning you had found a semblance of peace.  You knew your soul would be burned to nothing before the Emperor’s light, there was no other possibility for someone who had delved so deeply into the corrupting taint of chaos and sorcery.  However, you were grateful that this death would at least burn the corruption from you and leave what little spark remained, however briefly, clean before it was finally extinguished.  When your time came you kneeled in humilty before the Emperor, a prayer to the All-Father on your lips as you opened your mind and soul to his cleansing judgement.  When the holy flame began to burn through your soul you raised your gaze to Him on Earth, and smiled as you were consumed by his Holy Light.

You were destroyed, and yet you lived.  Your soul was clean, and a tiny shard of the Emperor and his Astronomicon now filled the massive, ragged holes left where the corruption had been burned away.  The seals you had placed on your powers and corruption were not just broken, but annihilated along with their contents.  You now have a second chance and a great deal to contemplate…
Benefits1:  The corruption of your soul was (almost) entirely burned away, but the knowledge that had opened the door to that corruption was not.  You gain Forbidden Lore (Daemonology), Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) +10, along with the Sorcerer talent and 2 rituals.  Traces of your sins will never be completely removed, and you still have 2d5 more insanity and 2d5 more corruption as a result.  Now, whether you ever dare to use these powers again is another matter entirely.

1 This background is a pretty major change and brings a lot of baggage on board.  I enjoyed writing this little entry, but please don’t feel inclined to take this rather dangerous package just because I wrote a big thing for it.

Originally written for First Officer Vidame Mayorga

Heir Apparent – 100xp
At birth you were cast into the depths of the void, raised under the guidance of your house’s Rogue Trader, and trained for the day when you would inherit the house’s ancient Writ of Trade and become the master of your home.  When disaster struck your house and enemies across the Imperium began ravaging its holdings, your Captain was assassinated and the house’s writ was thought destroyed.

You spent a year fighting to reclaim your birthright, only to have the new head of your house emerge with a sanction from Terra and a copy of the true warrant.  The writ you had waited so long to claim was simply a copy, an ancient copy to be sure, but the original was so ancient that it was sealed in the vaults of the High Lords on Terra.  After a year of desperate struggle, you learned that your birthright was never even really yours to begin with.  So now you remain next in the line of succession, only time will tell how that will play out…
Benefit: Talented(Any)

Uncertain Inheritance – 300xp
Your house’s Writ of Trade was created with a rather flexible clause of succession.  The Writ would be passed onto the head of the house (which itself has been in contention from time to time), or the appointed house champion of their choosing.  As such, despite your seniority, skill, and position, when the current Rogue Trader died the Writ could very well pass to some diseased street urchin if the master of the house so decreed.

Historically the head of the house has rarely ever taken up the writ themselves, but the succession has been determined by a combination of merit, politics, and numerous rounds of backstabbing, sabotage, and occasional violence.  Nothing was ever certain, so when the new lord of the house claimed the writ you were hardly surprised, given the situation.  In fact it’s almost been a relief, as the new arrangement does away with the uncertainty and intrigue.
Benefits: Paranoid, Decieve, +3 Intelligence or Perception.

Powerful Legacy – 300xp
You were groomed for command from the day you arrived on the dynasty’s flagship.  Every moment was spent training you to be the master and commander of a powerful dynastic fleet and its flagship.  There was never any question that you were to inherit the dynasty’s Warrant of Trade, and the previous Rogue Trader of Mayorga was even considering an early retirement so you could take the reigns early.  Of course, the family’s subsequent fall from grace and glory destroyed much of that, and the death of your captain was nothing less than a tragedy.  Even that didn’t compare to the shock of your house’s scion taking over the last true holding the dynasty had left: your ship.

You are, again, the Second in Command and next in line, again, to take up the Warrant of Trade.  Regardless, you are resolved to fulfill your duties to the house and dynasty.  Moreover, you have been surprised at the easy alliance and partnership you have found with “The Mayorga”, and are confident that he will lead the house to reclaim its former glory.
Benefits: Talented (Intimidate), Talented (Command), Air of Authority.

The One to Redeem Them – 300xp (Note that only you OR the Captain can take this, not both)
Your house has fallen, barely even a true dynasty anymore.  Many of its allies have cut their ties in fear of your enemies, and most of your resources are simply gone.  Your influence is feeble, and your prospects uncertain at best.  The Mayorga, as he now represents himself, appears both ready and capable to restore the dynasty’s fortune and power but he is ultimately a politician and leader of his house.  While he rebuilds the dynasty’s assets and influence you have sworn to restore its reputation and glory; first as his XO then you will take up the Warrant of Trade and bring glory to the Dynasty as its captain.
Benefits: Gain Commerce, and your dedication to rebuilding your dynasty drives you to exploit every opportunity to its absolute fullest, granting a +50 point bonus to every objective in your Endeavors.  The passion behind your driving goals has caused you to over-stretch your already limited resources, reducing your initial Profit Factor by 1.

Vile Insight - 300xp
Those who say war is hell has never seen the fall of a noble house from the inside.  The atrocities you saw and were subjected to threatened to shatter the mind and scar the soul.  Heretek agents infiltrated your vessel, sabotaged the gellar field, and poured warp-tainted mutagenic scrap code into your ship’s plasma drive.  Shortly after your transition into the warp the trap was sprung.  Your gellar field collapsed, the ship’s machine spirit went insane, and reality itself began to twist and melt away as the daemons of the warp began to assault the vessel.  You saw horrors no one was meant to see, and you’re still haunted by the visions.

The ship nearly became a daemonic entity itself, and there’s no telling what would have happened had the Captain and his best crewman not fought their way to the engine room, purged the warp-core and its machine spirit, and restored the gellar field.  Of the 95,000 souls on the ship, less than 10,000 survived and many of them were irrevocably, dangerously insane.  You managed to survive when you found one of the heretek agents, overcame him, and layed claim to the maletek device protecting him from the warp.  You learned more than you were ever meant to know in that attack, but at tremendous cost to body, mind, and soul.
Benefits: You gain Forbidden Lores (Tech-Heresy and Daemonology) along with Talented (Forbidden Lore: Warp).  You also take on 2d5 insanity and 2d5 corruption.  However, something from your time in the warp has left you changed, and you’ve been having the strangest feelings ever since…

Custom Lineage Options

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