Corpus Dei

Mars-Class Battlecruiser1

Spirit: Independent Spirit
History: Reliquary of Mars
Background: Thulian Explorator Vessel

Speed: 5
Man: +15
Det: +30
Hull: 70
Arm: 20 (24 Prow)
Turret: 2
Power: 0
Space: 1
Prow: Mars-Pattern Nova Cannon2
Port: Hecutor Plasma Broadside
Port: Lathe-class Launch Bay2
Star: Lathe-class Launch Bay2
Star: Hecutor Plasma Broadside
Dorsal: Hecutor Plasma Battery

Morale: 1074 (Non-Combat Losses Reduced by 1)
Crew: 100
Crew Quality: 503

Essential Components
Archeotech Modified Saturnine-pattern Class 4A “Ultra” Drive
Miloslav H-616.b Warp Engine
Warpsbane Geller Field
Multiple Void Array
Bridge of Antiquity
Ancient Life-Sustainer
Voidsman Quarters
Deep Void Auger Array

Additional Components
Armored Prow2
Small-Craft Repair Deck
Pilot Chambers
Augmented Retro-Thrusters
Medicae Deck
Empyrean Mantle

Combat Modifiers
+5 to BS with ship weapons
+1d10 to Ram Attack Damage
+20 to all Boarding, Hit-and-Run, Bombardment, and Invasion actions
+20 to Hit-and-Run actions deployed via Teleportarium (stacks)
+10 to Hit-and-Run and when defending against boarding (stacks)
+1d5 Crew damage on successful boarding action tests
x2 Hull Integrity damage on successful Hit-and-Run attacks
+2 to Attack Craft Rating (Effectively +10 test modifier)
Loss of Small Craft can be negated with a -10 Tech-Use test, one vessel salvaged per DoS
Plasma Weapons damage/destroy/set fire to double the normal number of components

Action Modifiers
+10 to Navigation (Warp)
+10 to Command/Social when on Bridge
+10 to Military Command Tests (Does not stack with bridge bonus)
+20 to Medicae Tests, may treat Int bonus x 3 patients at once (36, in Vinter’s case)
+20 to Analysis and R&D
+10 to All Investigation/Lore Tests (Cumulative w/Above)
-20 to Non-Mechanicum Tech-Use Tests for repair and maintenance
All tests to detect the vessel when silent running are at -20, failed maneuvers only reveal the ship if failed by 2 or more degrees.

Other Modifiers and Effects
Warp Travel times are halved
Warp Encounters are checked every 3 days
Warp Encounter checks are rolled twice, Navigator chooses result

Endeavor Modifiers
+0 Trade
+50 Exploration
+50 Criminal
+100 Military
+0 Creed

Additional Equipment
20 Nova Cannon Shells
1 Squadron (19/20 Units) – Chiropteran Scouts
1 Mixed Squadron (10 Units) – Aquila Landers and Arvus Lighters
2 Squadrons (40 Units) – Lathe-Pattern Fury Interceptors (Rating: 12)
2 Squadrons (20 Units) – Lathe-Pattern Shark Assault Boat (Rating: 7)
2 Squadrons (16 Units) – Lathe-Pattern Starhawk Bomber (Rating: 2)
The Scintillian 11th Drop Regiment (similar rules to Best Quality Storm-Trooper Detachment) – Populating Barracks/Enhancing Crew
Murder Servitor Ship Component (In Cold Storage at the Lathes)
Improved Crew/Staff Quality (Based on Initial Recruitment)

1 Lathe-variant

2 These components are integral to the hull and can not generally be removed or modified.

3 Base crew rating is 40, with +5 for high-quality recruits and +5 for an active Bosun (Vigil)

4 +3 Morale for high-quality crew recruitment

Corpus Dei

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