Campaign Record

Prelude – The Fallen
The events that shaped the crew and brought them together.

Chapter 1 – Return to Grace
The Mayorga Dynasty is presented with an unusual offer from one of the most powerful and dangerous figures in the Expanse.

Chapter 2 – Alien Light
The dynasty’s patrons in the Mechanicum send the crew to track down the lost Disciples of Thule fleet. Madness, heresy, and destruction soon follow.

Chapter 3 – Fate’s Key
Taking the helm of the Corpus Dei, the crew seeks out one of the greatest fighter pilots in Calixis: F-Eight.

Chapter 4 – Eye of the Storm
Following the guidance of the Last Egarian, the crew of the Corpus Dei venture deep into the warp.

Interlude 1 – Lost Beyond Time
With the Lord Captain in a coma, the ship in tatters, and the Xenos device in hand the crew must find a way out of an alien realm.

Interlude 2 – Killing Time
With months of repairs and refits to wait out, the crew attends to various personal projects and interests. There’s even a party…

Chapter 5 – Faith and Flame
With the ship overhauled and repaired, Lux gets a lead on how to save the Lord Captain. It appears that old wounds will be reopened when Kerchan and Lux have to return home.

Chapter 6 – Reckoning
The Lord Captain is restored, and he awakens with terrible revelations.

Campaign Record

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