Black Doge

Orion-Class Clipper Transport

Spirit: Rebellious
History: Death Cult

Speed: 10
Man: +25
Det: +15
Hull: 35
Arm: 12
Turret: 1
Power: 0
Space: 0
Dorsal: Mars Pattern Macrocannon
Keel: Sunsear Laser Battery

Crew Quality: 401
Crew: 92
Morale: 1032 (Reduce all Losses by 2)

Essential Components
Lathe-Pattern Class 1 Drive
Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine
Warpsbane Field
Single Void Shield Array
Commerce Bridge
Vitae Life Sustainer
Voidsmen Quarters
M-201.b Auger Array

Additional Components
Main Cargo Hold
Main Cargo Hold
Defensive Countermeasures
The Scintillian 11th Drop Regiment (Single Platoon – Effectively a Best Quality Storm Trooper Detachment)

Combat Modifiers
Reduce all Morale Losses by 2
+10 to opposed Command tests in ship-to-ship combat
May deploy Defensive Countermeasures to give a -20 penalty on all attacks (-30 for torpedoes) against this vessel for 1d5+1 turns
A random component occasionally becomes unpowered for no reason
When receiving a critical hit a D10 roll of 8+ ignores the critical effect
x2 Hull Damage inflicted by Hit and Run attacks
+1d5 Crew Damage when winning a defensive boarding action

Action Modifiers
+10 to All Warp Navigation Tests

Other Modifiers/Effects
Warp Travel Times are Halved
Warp Encounters are checked every 3 days, but roll twice and keep the better result

Endeavor Modifiers
+300 Trade
+0 Exploration
+0 Criminal
+0 Military
+0 Creed

1 Base Rating 30, +5 Quality Recruitment, +5 Active Bosun (Mercy)

2 +3 Morale for high quality crew recruitment.

Black Doge

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