Egarian Device

Massive xenos device of unknown purpose or origin


This roughly pyramid-shaped device is massive. The alien structure stands 100 meters in height with a 120 meter diameter base at its widest span. It appears to accomodate a single primary inhabitant or controller near the pinnacle with what appear to be a number of secondary and tertiary connections available farther down. One side looks as though it is designed to fold inward or away as some sort of irregular aperture. The device has no discernable power source and seems powered-down. The exposed surfaces are covered in a never-before-seen alien script.


This device was transposed from the sealed Egarian Ark-World to the last standing Egarian Watch Fortress by Lord Captain Mayorga, an act that very nearly killed him and left the Rogue Trader in a coma. The device was then teleported on board the Corpus Dei along with the surviving ship’s teams on the lost xenos fortress world.

The Fortress Array had been transposed in place of the device, stripping the Fortress of the keystone of its wards and shields. As a result the Egarian Watch Fortress was destroyed by chaos forces only moments later. Denied any prize, however, Chaos’ victory was essentially pyrric: The array hub was gone and the inhabitants of the fortress were already dead.

Information on the nature of the device is both limited and vague. The “Last Egarian” (this title was later determined to be a misnomer) was discovered in stasis within the Omega Vault of the Deathwatch Erioch Fortress. After being revived the alien explained that his purpose was to lead the “agents of the Emperor or Terra” to a device that had been a part of some compact its people had made with the Imperium thousands of years ago.

On further interrogation the Egarian indicated that the device had been constructed from similar underlying technology to that of the Golden Throne. Beyond this startling but vague claim the Egarian stated that his role among his people was diplomat, not scientist, and that he lacked further details to give.

Once acquired a few more details were uncovered. The device was of xenos construction

Egarian Device

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