Master at Arms Kerchan Bron Kennok

Deposed Death World Warlord

Name: Kerchan Bron Kennok Career: Arch-Militant
Wounds: 24 Fate Points: 3 Total XP: 30000
Insanity: 5 Corruption: 0 Available XP: 2150
Homeworld: Death World Birthright: Stubjack Lure of the Void: Renegade
Trials: Calamity Motivation: Endurance Lineage: Powerful Legacy
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
70 44 60 52 50 51 43 52 32
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Social Talents
Enemy (Ecclesiarchy)
Peer (Mechanicum)

Skill Talents
Air of Authority
Might Makes Right (Use Strength instead of Fel for Command when leading from the front)
Talented (Intimidate)
Talented (Command)

Situational Talents
Hardy (All injuries considered Lightly Wounded)
Jaded (No Insanity from Mundane Horrors)
Armor of Contempt (All Corruption Gains Reduced by 1)
Light Sleeper (Always considered awake when testing Awareness)
Sound Constitution x7 (+7 Wound)

Combat Talents
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Thrown Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Blademaster (Reroll one failed attack per turn)
Crushing Blow (+2 Damage on all Melee Attacks)
Counterattack (Free attack at -20 after successful parry)
Duty Unto Death (You will not stop until outright killed during combat – No penalties until dead)
Furious Assault (After successful attack, may spend Reaction to attack again)
Guardian (Spend all of next round’s actions to swap location with an ally w/in 2 meters at any time)
Lightning Reflexes (add twice AG bonus to Initiative)
Paranoia (+2 to Initiative)
Precise Blow (Called Shots are free)
Quick Draw (Ready as free action)
Rapid Reaction (Test Agility to avoid Surprise)
Sure Strike (Choose between 2 hit locations)
Swift Attack (Extra Melee Attack when using a Full Action)
Takedown (Half-Action: Make normal attack roll, negate damage and target must make Toughness test or be stunned for 1 round)
True Grit (All critical damage halved, round up)
Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee) (Net -10 when dual-wielding)
Unarmed Warrior (Unarmed Damage is primitive 1d10+7 total, never counts as unarmed)

Master-at-Arms (+10 to Prepare to Repel Boarders! Extended Action)
Survivor (+10 vs. Pinning and Shock)
Paranoid (-10 to Social tests in Formal Settings)
Melee Weapon Master (+10 to Hit, +2 Damage, +2 Initiative when wielding a melee weapon)


Malignancies and Mutations
None… yet.

Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers
Acrobatics (Ag) X X X Literacy (Int) X
Awareness (Per) B X X X Logic (Int) B
Barter (Fel) B Medicae (Int) X
Blather (Fel) Navigation (Int) - - - - -
Carouse (T) B
Charm (Fel) B
Chem-Use (Int)
Ciphers (Int) Performer (Fel1)
Climb (S1) B Pilot (Ag) - - - - -
Command (Fel) B X X X +10
Commerce (Fel)
Common Lore (Int) - - - - -
Ecclesiarchy X
War X
Psyniscience (Per)
Scholastic Lore (Int) - - - - -
Legend X
Tactica Imperialis X X X
Concealment (Ag) B X
Contortionist (Ag) B Scrutiny (Per) B X
Deceive (Fel) B Search (Per) B
Demolition (Int) Secret Tongue (Int) - - - - -
Dodge (Ag) B X X X Military X
Drive (Ag1) - - - - - Rogue Trader X
Security (Ag1)
Evaluate (Int) B Shadowing (Ag) X
Forbidden Lore (Int) - - - - - Silent Move (Ag) B X
Archeotech X Sleight of Hand (Ag)
Navigators X Speak Language (Int) - - - - -
Pirates X Low Gothic X
Xenos X
Psykers X
Survival (Int) X
Swim (S) B
Tech-Use (Int) X X
Gamble (Int1) B Tracking (Int1) X X
Inquiry (Fel) B Trade (Int) - - - - -
Interrogation (WP1)
Intimidate (S1) B X X X +10
Invocation (WP) Wrangling (Int)

Advancement Record – Kerchan

1 These skills may use different key attributes based on application

Important Personal Gear

Rosarius Field
Negates any (non-psychic/warp) attack on a 50 or less.
After activating the shield will overload if the roll was 10 or less.
Requires a tech-use test at -30 to be reset and recharged.

Twinblades of Clan Kennok
These ancient relics of Shathar have been passed down from one champion of Clan Kennok to the next for at least the past few hundred years, quite possibly longer. Constructed using a now lost technique, the blades are perfectly balanced and synchronized to be wielded together. If the wielder has an agility bonus of 5 or higher the full potential of the blades can be awakened. In such case penalties for Two-Weapon fighting are reduced by 10 and the bonus for defense is doubled (total of +20 to parry).
Base Values: Damage: 1d10+3 / Pen: 3 / Tearing, Balanced, Twinned
Kerchan’s Values: 1d10+13 / Attack or Parry WS: 90 / Roll 1 extra damage die and drop the lower of the two

Reconsecrated Adepta Sororitas Storm Bolter
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Master at Arms Kerchan Bron Kennok

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