Lord Sector Marius Hax

Sector Governor of Calixis


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Lord Marius Hax (whose formally correct title is “Lord Sector” or “Lord Calixis”), Sector Governor of the Calixis Sector, is descended from an ancient family of Terran stock, a bloodline bred for leadership in the Imperial heartland of the Segmentum Solar. He was appointed governor of the sector by the High Lords of the Adeptus Terra more than one hundred and fifty years ago, and maintains a firm, unflinching grip on the planets under his control. The Lord Sector is a man of immense gravitas and solemnity, a glowering, intimidating presence at the heart of the Lucid Palace on Scintilla. Hax makes few public appearances, and personal audiences are rare. His devotion to the minutiae of leadership is legendary. It is said that he sleeps just four hours a night, and personally reviews the daily fiscal and economic reports in great detail.
His reputation in the sector at large is therefore chilly and austere: he is popularly mocked as an unsmiling hardliner and administrative stickler, and also feared as a figure of unsympathetic authority. This widely accepted image, however, misses the essential truth. He is a painfully fair, even-handed man, devoted to the principles of ordered rule. In person, he is tall and granite-featured, and dresses in starkly simple dark robes, eschewing all aristocratic finery. He is over two hundred Scintillan years old, though modest juvenat treatments make him appear to be a robust fifty year old. Hax is not a man to be trifled with, nor underestimated.

The Lord Sector is driven by his convictions, not in the right or even divine authority of the Imperium, but in the absolute necessity of order and obedience for the survival of the human race. Hax cares little for events on individual planets and is even dismissive of happenings on Scintilla (of which he is nominally planetary governor). He cannot be distracted by the fates of a few million citizens here and there and is more concerned with the big picture, levying correct tithes and collecting them, monitoring psykers and rebellious groups (Hax despises rebels above all others, including cultists and witches) and maintaining the conspicuous majesty of the Imperium.

Hax is surrounded by a lavish court populated by representatives and advisers from organizations and worlds across the sector. He values good advisers and is willing to listen to them, as long as they do not overstep the mark and openly contradict his philosophies. Hax has the power to request military assistance from the Segmentum Governor on distant Cypra Mundi, but he is loathe to do so. The Calixis Sector is his, and his presence and the activities of his adepts should be enough to awe its citizens into obedience.

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As one would expect, Hax has ruffled more than a few feathers in the course of his rule. Unsatisfied with the discipline of PDF troops and planetary magistrates Hax created the Chaliced Commissariat, modeled after the Commissariat of the Imperial Guard. This has led to a number of clashes with both the Imperial Guard and the Adeptus Arbites. In fact, the only time Hax’s position has ever been threatened was after his agents executed imperial guardsmen coordinating with a Calixian PDF. Significant political gymnastics were performed (along with a number of bribes and concessions) to keep the true Commissariat from coming after Hax personally.

Hax is also known in less public circles to be quite the headonist, at least on the rare occasions that he has the freedom to indulge. Mostly this occurs within the confines of the Lucid Palace, but he has made occasional appearances when the occasional luminary is hosting (generally only Cardinals, Generals, or exceptionally powerful Rogue Traders have reliably gotten his attention). Despite his hedonistic impulses, he has never been compromised by his excesses, if they could even truly be called that.

Lord Sector Marius Hax

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