Lord Captain Mayorga

Lord Captain Adiez Etah Grall DaArca lo Mayorga diezt

Name: Lord Captain Mayorga Career: Rogue Trader
Wounds: 9 Fate Points: 4 Total XP: 30000
Insanity: 40+? Corruption: 2+ Available XP: 50
Homeworld: Noble Birthright: Vaunted Lure of the Void: Chosen by Destiny
Trials: Dark Voyage Motivation: Pride Lineage: The One to Redeem Them
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
48 50 32 32 39 59 47 42 68
ooo ooo o ooo oo oo oooo

Profit Factor: 85

Social Talents
Legendary (Incease Social and Influence Dos by 2, Fear 1 in combat)
Renowned Warrant (+10 to Social Tests when relevant)
Peer (Nobility)
Good Reputation (Nobility)
Peer (Mechanicum)
Good Reputation (Mechanicum)
Peer (Underworld)
Peer (Ork)
Peer (Inquisition)
Good Reputation (Inquisition)
Rival (Inquisitors of the Chamber)
Enemy (Ecclesiarchy)
Hard Bargain (Increase all final PF awards for completed Endeavors by 1)
Air of Authority (Increase effects of command)
Iron Discipline/Into the Jaws of Hell (Followers are immune to Fear and Pinning)

Skill Talents
Decadence (Must fail double the normal tests against chems, +10 to resist addiction)
Foresight (Take 10 minutes to prepare in order to gain +10 on any Int-based test)
Talented (Charm)
Talented (Command)
Talented (Commerce)

Resistance and Situational Talents
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
Resistance (Fear)
Fearless (Immune to Fear and Pinning, but must make WP test to disengage or back down)
Jaded (No insanity from mundane horrors)
Armour of Contempt (All Corruption Point gains are reduce by 1, to a minimum of 0)
Light Sleeper (Always considered awake for Alertness tests)
Watchful For Betrayal (Cannot be surprised unless unconscious or impaired)
Duty Unto Death (While in combat not subject to critical or death effects unless beheaded, completely destroyed, or fully dismembered)

Combat Talents
Fear 1 (From Legendary, must be consciously invoked)
Pistol Training (Universal)
Melee Training (Universal)
Hatred (Servants of Chaos) (+10 to all WS tests and +2 melee damage against hatred)
Paranoia (+2 to initiative)
Lightning Reflexes (Double Agility Bonus when determining initiative)
Quickdraw (Ready as Free)
Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)
Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee)
Swift/Lightning Attack (Two Additional attacks may be made in melee)
Gunslinger (Combines with previous 2 talents to negate 2 weapon penalties with firearms)
Deadeye Shot (Called shots are only at -10)
Disarm (Full Action to disarm via opposed WS test, 3+ DoS and the weapon is taken instead)

Lord-Captain (+10 to Hold Fast! action, may use class ability anywhere on vessel once per strategic round)
Etiquette (+10 social in formal situations)
The One to Redeem Them (+50 to all Objectives)
Egerian Gate Warden

Various cosmetic and minor replacements

Malignancies and Mutations
None… yet.

Alien Mind (Minor)

Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers
Acrobatics (Ag) Literacy (Int) X X
Awareness (Per) B X X X Logic (Int) B
Barter (Fel) B X Medicae (Int)
Blather (Fel) Navigation (Int) - - - - -
Carouse (T) B X
Charm (Fel) B X X X +10
Chem-Use (Int)
Ciphers (Int) Performer (Fel1)
Climb (S1) B Pilot (Ag) - - - - -
Command (Fel) B X X X +10 Spacecraft X
Commerce (Fel) X X X +10 Flyers X
Common Lore (Int) - - - - -
Imperium X Psyniscience (Per)
Koronus Expanse X Scholastic Lore (Int) - - - - -
Machine Cult X Astromancy X
Rogue Traders X Heraldry X
Imperial Warrants X
Legend X
Concealment (Ag) B Tactica Imperialis X X
Contortionist (Ag) B
Deceive (Fel) B X X Scrutiny (Per) B X X
Demolition (Int) Search (Per) B
Dodge (Ag) B X X Secret Tongue (Int) - - - - -
Drive (Ag1) - - - - -
Security (Ag1) X
Shadowing (Ag)
Evaluate (Int) B X Silent Move (Ag) B
Forbidden Lore (Int) - - - - - Sleight of Hand (Ag) X
Adeptus Astartes X Speak Language (Int) - - - - -
Archeotech X High Gothic X X
Adeptus Mechanicus X Low Gothic X X
Inquisition X Eldar X
Pirates X Trader’s Cant X
Psykers X
Tech Heresy X
Warp X Survival (Int)
Xenos X Swim (S) B
Tech-Use (Int) X
Tracking (Int1)
Trade (Int) - - - - -
Gamble (Int1) B X Voidfarer
Inquiry (Fel) B
Interrogation (WP1)
Intimidate (S1) B X
Invocation (WP) Wrangling (Int)

Advancement Record – Captain Mayorga

1 These skills may use different key attributes based on application

Important Personal Gear

Egarian Lens

Eldar Force Shield
Negates any (non-psychic/warp) attack on a 75 or less.
After activating the shield will overload if the roll was 10 or less.
Requires a tech-use test at -30 to be reset and recharged.

Digital Melta Rings (2)
Range 3m / Single-Shot / Full Action to Reload / 2d10+4 E Pen 12

Inferno Pistol
Range 10m / Single-Shot, Clip: 3 / Full Action to Reload / 2d10+8 E Pen 13

Wrath Plasma Pistol (Best)
Range 40m / 1/-/- Clip: 8 / 3 Full Actions to Reload / 1d10+8 E Pen 6 / Accurate


Lord Captain Mayorga

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