High Factotum Edmund Swift

His family has been a loyal vassal of House Mayorga for millennia

Name: Edmund Swift Career: Seneschal
Wounds: 12 Fate Points: 4 Total XP: 23000
Insanity: 6 Corruption: 5 Available XP: 5750
Homeworld: Hive Birthright: Savant Lure of the Void: Destiny
Trials: High Vendetta Motivation: Prestige Lineage: Vile Insight
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
35 46 34 40 47 63 49 53 66
oo oo o oooo oo ooo oooo

Peer (Mechanicum)
Peer (Underworld)
Talented (Barter)
Talented (Commerce)
Talented (Inquiry)
Infused Knowledge (All Common and Scholastic Lores are basic, +10 if Trained)
Pistol Training (Universal)
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Paranoia (+2 to Initiative)
Quickdraw (Ready as a free action)
Marksman (No range penalties)

High Factotum (May transfer up to 300 achievement points between endeavors once per session)
Wary (+1 to initiative)
Accustomed to Crowds (No penalty for moving through crowds)
Caves of Steel (-5 INT in open spaces, -10 Survival in the wild)
Xenophile (+10 Fellowship with Xenos, -5 WP vs Xeno actions)
Seeker of Lore (Spend a fate point to automatically succeed on any Cipher, Lore, or Logic test in minimum time. Add 1 DoS to all Commerce, Inquiry, or Evaluate Tests)


Malignancies and Mutations
None… yet.

Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers
Acrobatics (Ag) Literacy (Int) b X
Awareness (Per) B X X Logic (Int) B X
Barter (Fel) B X X +10 Medicae (Int)
Blather (Fel) Navigation (Int) - - - - -
Carouse (T) B
Charm (Fel) B X X
Chem-Use (Int)
Ciphers (Int) Performer (Fel1)
Climb (S1) B Pilot (Ag) - - - - -
Command (Fel) B
Commerce (Fel) X X X +10/1 DoS2
Common Lore (Int) - - - - +10/203
Machine Cult X Psyniscience (Per)
Underworld X X Scholastic Lore (Int) - - - - +10/203
Astromancy X
Concealment (Ag) B
Contortionist (Ag) B Scrutiny (Per) B X
Deceive (Fel) B X Search (Per) B
Demolition (Int) Secret Tongue (Int) - - - - -
Dodge (Ag) B X X Rogue Trader X
Drive (Ag1) - - - - -
Security (Ag1) X
Shadowing (Ag) X
Evaluate (Int) B X +1 DoS2 Silent Move (Ag) B X
Forbidden Lore (Int) - - - - +104 Sleight of Hand (Ag)
Archeotech X Speak Language (Int) - - - - -
Daemonology X Low Gothic X
Tech Heresy X Trader’s Cant X
Warp X Hive Dialect X
Xenos X
Survival (Int)
Gamble (Int1) B Swim (S) B
Inquiry (Fel) B X X +10/1 DoS Tech-Use (Int) b X
Interrogation (WP1) Tracking (Int1)
Intimidate (S1) B Trade (Int) - - - - -
Invocation (WP)
Wrangling (Int)

Advancement Record – Edmund Swift

1 These skills may use different key attributes based on application

2 Equipment bonuses may apply as well.

3 +10 for talented, additional +10 if using ship’s librarium

4 +10 if using ship’s librarium

Important Personal Gear

Eldar Force Shield
Negates any (non-psychic/warp) attack on a 75 or less.
After activating the shield will overload if the roll was 10 or less.
Requires a tech-use test at -30 to be reset and recharged.

Personal Calculance Array (Best/Custom)
Most such machines are larger than a full-grown man, yet this device is just over 10 kilos and can be comfortably carried for hours when mounted on its artfully crafted harness. This masterwork of the Adeptus Mechanicus is both a power factor’s tool and coveted status symbol.
+20 to extended Commerce tests
+10 to any social tests in a mercantile or business context
+10 to Evaluate tests
Attempts at financial or trade-based deception against the wearer takes a -20 penalty

+30 to Security tests when bypassing locks of any kind

Inferno Pistol (Standard)
Boltgun (Standard)


High Factotum Edmund Swift

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