First Officer Vidame Mayorga

Vidame Alistair Alidas Gilliam Karazi ucen atzutce lo Mayorga

Name: Vidame Mayorga Career: Void Master
Wounds: 21 Fate Points: 3 Total XP: 23000
Insanity: 8 Corruption: 3 Available XP: 2000
Homeworld: Noble Birthright: Vaunted Lure of the Void: Renegade
Trials: Calamity Motivation: Fortune Lineage: Far Reaching Contacts
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
30 65 30 52 62 37 48 33 50
oooo oo oooo o ooo oo

Peer (Nobility)
Peer (Merchantile)
Peer (Eldar)
Peer (Imperial Navy)
Peer (Void Born)
Peer (Mechanicum)

Talented (Command)
Air of Authority
Light Sleeper
Dark Soul
Hotshot Pilot
Sound Constitution (x9)

Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Nerves of Steel
Marksman (No Range Penalties)
Hip Shooting (May Shoot Once while moving at -20)

First Officer (+5 to all Command tests made on own vessel)
Master of Gunnery (Reroll any failed attack roll with ship weapons once)
Etiquette (+10 to social tests in formal situations)


Malignancies and Mutations
None… yet.

Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers
Acrobatics (Ag) Literacy (Int) b X
Awareness (Per) B X X X Logic (Int) B
Barter (Fel) B Medicae (Int)
Blather (Fel) Navigation (Int) - - - - -
Carouse (T) B X Stellar X X
Charm (Fel) B X
Chem-Use (Int) X
Ciphers (Int) Performer (Fel1)
Climb (S1) B Pilot (Ag) - - - - -
Command (Fel) B X X X +10 Space Craft b X X X +10
Commerce (Fel) X Flyers b X X X +10
Common Lore (Int) - - - - - Personal b X X +10
Imperial Navy X
Koronus Expanse X Psyniscience (Per)
War X Scholastic Lore (Int) - - - - -
Astromancy X
Tactica Imperialis X
Concealment (Ag) B
Contortionist (Ag) B Scrutiny (Per) B X X
Deceive (Fel) B X Search (Per) B
Demolition (Int) Secret Tongue (Int) - - - - -
Dodge (Ag) B X X Underdeck X
Drive (Ag1) - - - - -
Ground X Security (Ag1)
Shadowing (Ag)
Evaluate (Int) B Silent Move (Ag) B
Forbidden Lore (Int) - - - - - Sleight of Hand (Ag)
Archeotech X Speak Language (Int) - - - - -
Pirates X Low Gothic B X
Xenos X X High Gothic b X
Survival (Int)
Swim (S) B
Gamble (Int1) B X Tech-Use (Int) X
Inquiry (Fel) B Tracking (Int1)
Interrogation (WP1) Trade (Int) - - - - -
Intimidate (S1) B X
Invocation (WP) Wrangling (Int)

Advancement Record – Vidame Mayorga

1 These skills may use different key attributes based on application

Important Personal Gear

Rosarius Field
Negates any (non-psychic/warp) attack on a 50 or less.
After activating the shield will overload if the roll was 10 or less.
Requires a tech-use test at -30 to be reset and recharged.

Archeotech Lance Pistol
Range 45m / Single-Shot, Clip: 10 / 3 Full Actions to Reload / 2d10+10 E Pen 10
Never Jams


Formerly: Vidame Alistair Alidas Gilliam Karazi piezt lo Mayorga

First Officer Vidame Mayorga

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