Choir Master Telepathica "Lux"

Unknown Death World Astropath

Name: Unknown – Pseudonym “Lux” Career: Astropath Transcendant
Wounds: 15 Fate Points: 4 Total XP: 23000
Insanity: 4d5+3 Corruption: 2d5+1 Available XP: 5000
Homeworld: Shathar (Death) Birthright: Scapegrace Lure of the Void: Renegade
Trials: Press Ganged Motivation: Fortune Lineage: Unholy Wisdom
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
35 34 33 43 37 58 60 62 53
o oooo oooo oooo ooo

Psy Rating 6 (+30 base to Psychic Tests)
Sorcerer (May push powers further and use sorcery abilities)
Melee Weapon Training _Primitive)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Heightend Senses (Sound)
Jaded (No Insanity from Mundane Horrors)
Dark Soul (Bonus to avoid Malignancy)

Choir Master Telepathica (Astropathic Signal Range increased by one step)
Soul Bound (+20 to resist possession or daemonic influence, Perils of the Warp use three dice, choose 2)
See Without Eyes (Blind, but may act as though sighted in almost every way)
Paranoid (-10 to social tests in formal situations)
Survivor (+10 to resist pinning and shock)
Jealous Freedom (Must test willpower or violently resist loss of freedom)


Type Name Action Range Sustained Focus
Sorcery Maelstrom of Hate Full Special Yes WP
Sorcery Banish/Bind Extended WP x 1m Yes WP
Telepathy Thought Sending Free WP x 1km Yes None
Telepathy Astral Telepathy 1d5 hours Special No WP
Telepathy Mind Probe Extended Psy x 1m Yes Opposed WP
Telepathy Psychic Scream Standard Psy x 5m No WP
Telepathy Short Range Telepathy Free Psy x 10 Yes WP
Telepathy Delude Free Psy x 1m No Opposed WP
Telepathy Compel Free/Standard Psy x 5m No Opposed WP
Divination Aura Reading Full LoS Yes Psyniscience
Divination Foreshadow Free Self No WP
Divination Augury 30 min 1m No Psyniscience
Divination Divining the Future 1 min Self No Psyniscience
Divination Blessed by the Emperor Free Psy x 5m Yes Psyniscience
Divination Psycholocation standard Psy x 1km No Psyniscience

Malignancies and Mutations

None… yet.

Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers
Acrobatics (Ag) Literacy (Int) X
Awareness (Per) B X X Logic (Int) B
Barter (Fel) B Medicae (Int)
Blather (Fel) Navigation (Int) - - - - -
Carouse (T) B
Charm (Fel) B
Chem-Use (Int)
Ciphers: Astropath (Int) X Performer (Fel1)
Climb (S1) B Pilot (Ag) - - - - -
Command (Fel) B
Commerce (Fel)
Common Lore (Int) - - - - -
Adeptus Astra Telepathica X
War X Psyniscience (Per) X X X
Scholastic Lore (Int) - - - - -
Cryptology X
Occult X
Concealment (Ag) B
Contortionist (Ag) B Scrutiny (Per) B X X X
Deceive (Fel) B X Search (Per) B
Demolition (Int) Secret Tongue (Int) - - - - -
Dodge (Ag) B X
Drive (Ag1) - - - - -
Security (Ag1)
Shadowing (Ag)
Evaluate (Int) B Silent Move (Ag) B
Forbidden Lore (Int) - - - - - Sleight of Hand (Ag) b X
Daemonology X X X Speak Language (Int) - - - - -
Psykers X Low Gothic b X
Warp X X X High Gothic X
Xenos X
Survival (Int) b X
Swim (S) B
Tech-Use (Int)
Tracking (Int1)
Trade (Int) - - - - -
Gamble (Int1) B Psysmith X
Inquiry (Fel) B
Interrogation (WP1)
Intimidate (S1) B
Invocation (WP) X X X +20 Wrangling (Int)

Advancement Record – Lux

1 These skills may use different key attributes based on application

Important Personal Gear

Rosarius Field
Negates any (non-psychic/warp) attack on a 50 or less.
After activating the shield will overload if the roll was 10 or less.
Requires a tech-use test at -30 to be reset and recharged.

Handcrafted Emperor’s Tarot (Best)
Lux personally handcrafted these cards from psy-reactive crystal over the course of a year. More than a mere psy-focus, these cards directly empower divination abilities. These cards were carefully constructed and attuned to a specific reader, if anyone other than Lux attempts to use them the bonuses are halved, negated, or possibly even reversed.
+20 to Invocation tests
+10 to Focus Power tests when using Divination techniques
+10 to Trade (Soothsayer) or any similar form of “Mundane” divination (legitimate or otherwise)
+10 to social tests vs other astropaths


Choir Master Telepathica "Lux"

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