Calligos Winterscale

Chief Power-Player and Rogue Trader of the Expanse


(Taken from Rogue Trader, p. 361-362)
A man of passions, ruled by his notorious temper, Calligos Winterscale is not to be idly crossed. His demeanour can swing from back-slapping friendship to screaming anger and back again in a matter of minutes, and he does not hesitate to unleash his wrath to get his way. Winterscale respects strength of will—though he may not show it whilst raging with anger. Those who concede are weak inferiors and will be treated as such. Even his allies and closest retainers are terrified by Winterscale’s intimidating, stormy moods. Calligos Winterscale is a forceful captain of battle and commands a potent vessel, the Emperor’s Vow. He possesses a gift for leading common scum and hardened voidfarers, and attracts dangerous men to his crews. Many of his servants and emissaries are but a single step from murderous criminals:muscled, intimidating men who might well be fresh from an Imperial prison.

Historical Events of Note

The Claimant Wars: A short, destructive conflict erupts between the forces of Calligos Winterscale and Aspyce Chorda on Lucin’s Breath. The matter is unexpectedly settled with the signing of the Nephium Compact that divides Lucin’s Breath between Winterscale and Chorda interests.

The barbed vessels of the Chaos renegade Karrad Vall emerge from the Maw and bombard Footfall. The renegades are finally driven off by the fleet of Calligos Winterscale, but not before their boarding parties and surface raiders capture hundreds of souls. Their fate is to said to provide a libation of blood to the Dark Gods in thanks for safe passage through the Great Warp Storms for the infamous Vall, said to have last plagued the Imperium a millennia before.

Calligos Winterscale

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