Aspyce Chorda

Cold-Blooded Pirate Queen of the Expanse


(Taken from Rogue Trader, p. 361)
“Aspyce Chorda is ruthless in both negotiation and battle, a dangerous woman who does not hesitate to cruelly remind others why they should be terrifed of her. She cares greatly about form and elegance, but little for human life, save when it provides wealth for her coffers. When she ravaged the pirates of Iniquity at the close of the Harvest of Reavers in 754.M41, survivors were crudely lobotomized and sent as slave-serfs to Chorda’s various domains. When vying for resources with Calligos Winterscale in 785.M41, she initiated a violent war to get her way, heedless of the cost to her crews. The Chorda lineage is of piratical origins, its descendants only distinguished from those hunted by Battlefeet Calixis by their Warrant of Trade and noble birth. So the tale is told, a younger Aspyce Chorda captured her siblings and forced them into hidden cryovaults to ensure her sole mastery over the Chorda Warrant of Trade. There those unfortunates remain, frozen souls awaiting a revival that will never come.”

Historical Events of Note

The Harvest of Reavers: Aspyce Chorda begins her campaign against the Chaos pirates of Iniquity. At first all those captured by her are crudely lobotomized and sent as slave-serfs to Chorda’s various domains. After a series of massacres and the corruption of a number of her holdings the practice is discontinued in favour of immolation. Chorda’s campaign ends when debts and oaths to House Krin draw her back to Footfall to protect their interests.

The Claimant Wars: A short, destructive conflict erupts between the forces of Calligos Winterscale and Aspyce Chorda on Lucin’s Breath. The matter is unexpectedly settled with the signing of the Nephium Compact that divides Lucin’s Breath between Winterscale and Chorda interests.

Aspyce Chorda

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