Rogue Trader - Rise of the Fallen

Chapter 6 - Reckoning

Notes for fleshing out later:

  • Captain Mayorga woke up with a new drive, new information, and some new crazy.
  • Enginseer Vinter’s personal project is almost complete
  • Anna Casmirre, The Last Child of Grace, was named as Mayorga’s dynastic heir (Though I think Vidame is still the heir to the Warrant of Trade).
  • A meeting was called with the Deathwatch to report Mayorga’s recent discoveries. This meeting was also used to secure Sister Encaterina’s cooperation and prevent future trouble from the battle sister. It went overwhelmingly smoothly. The Deathwatch formally recognized and sanctioned Anna’s future claim to the Dynasty.
  • Sister Encaterina of the Adepta Sororitas swore to protect and serve Anna Casmirre above all else, even if it means taking the fight to the Ecclesiarchy itself.
  • Malachi, the old holy-man that helped Lux restore Mayorga, has since insisted on being with Anna whenever Encaterina is present. Encaterina has seemed vaguely annoyed, but not combative on the issue.
  • Using the Astral Knives and Mayorga house agents, a series of assassinations were unleashed on the Cygnus Dynasty’s heirs.
  • Matthias Casmirre was raised to noble status within house Mayorga and married to one of the lower ranking Cygnus heirs in the line of succession (roughly 12th).
  • A “neutral” meeting with Gabriel Cygnus was arranged to, hopefully, resolve the conflict. The meeting turned hostile and became an ambush where the Cygnus Dynast was murdered.
  • During the argument before he died, Gabriel revealed that his house possessed and was acting on similar information to that held by the Lord Captain. He also seemed to posses an equal or greater loathing than Mayorga’s for the Ecclesiarchy.
  • Every available resource and ally was tapped brutalize Cygnus assets and leave a weak heir in line to take control.
  • A one-sided meeting with this new Dynast resulted in extraordinary concessions being made to house Mayorga in exchange for peace. His only holdout was a refusal to agree to any form of oath of service or fealty.
  • Despite being otherwise weak and terrorized, he became strong-willed, eloquent, and downright fierce whenever the issue of fealty was pressed. It seemed as though he was psychologically incapable of taking such an oath, and Mayorga granted Cygnus this singular concession.
  • The only remaining Cygnus concern was Gabriel’s (now former) flagship, the Ascendancy. It left port when Gabriel was murdered, and has not been seen by Mayorga or Cygnus’ agents or informants since. It is believed to have gone rogue.
  • With his reputation now in ascendance, Mayorga was finally able to have Master Or fill out the Corpus Dei’s navigator staff. The ship now hosts a total of 6 navigators in all.
  • Mere weeks into the process of consolidating Cygnus’ seized assets within the house, the assassinations continued to thin the ranks of house Cygnus.
  • All investigations concluded that no asset or ally of Mayorga was responsible, and the deaths were initially written off as an internal restructuring of power.
  • It wasn’t until nearly half the Cygnus family was dead that the truth came out. The current captain of the Ascendancy was claiming to be the “real” Gabriel Cygnus and Dynast. He was older and looked similar, but hardly identical, to the Gabriel that Mayorga had killed earlier (and whose corpse was now a personal servitor).
  • Unable to track the Ascendancy for the time being, Mayorga absorbed the handful of Cygnus survivors not loyal to captain of the Ascendancy into his own house and secured the holdings that remained intact.
  • Moving to expand the House’s power and influence, Mayorga set a course for Scintilla.
  • Invitations were sent to all the minor noble houses along with most of the key players present on Scintilla.
  • Most notable was the invitation to Lord Sector Marius Hax. Delivered via a custom master-crafted servo-skull and accompanied by a gift of extraordinarily rare (and ancient) amasec/whiskey from Stalinvast, an imperial world lost in M39. Price: nearly 2 million gelt.
  • This (along with his neigh-legendary reputation) allowed Mayorga to host a private dinner/audience. Over this dinner Hax’s blessing was won for Mayorga’s plans within Calixis, though most of the usual “considerations” were required to ensure their burgeoning alliance.
  • The party turned out to be an extravagant social event, even the ship’s own security was compromised to ensure nothing would go wrong. “Vigil” and his best men were brought down and coordinated with Master at Arms Kerchan Bron Kennok to secure the location/event.
  • Everything went perfectly, with one significant hitch. Delphi, the Inquisitorial psyker Kerchan and Vidame encountered on Merov, turned out to be of lesser noble house Prudentae. As such she had been indirectly and inadvertently invited.
  • Shortly after arriving she was received by the leaders of house Mayorga: Lord Captain Mayorga, Vidame Mayorga, and Anna, now herself of Mayorga. The moment she entered the private lounge for the meeting, however, she was immediately disturbed by something.
  • Kerchan was the first to notice that both Delphi and Sister Encaterina were reacting in the same manner, though she still had only a moment’s warning before Delphi unleashed her power on the Sororitas.
  • Delpghi’s use of Theosopheny revealed Encaterina as a servant of Chaos. A small host of daemons appeared to attend their master, and a gruesome battle ensued. Though initially overwhelmed Encaterina had an opening to kill Delphi and a number of those still in the room. She never got the chance to exploit that opening, however, as she was stabbed through the throat from behind then cleanly beheaded with a follow-up cut by Anna.
  • The events were covered up with a clever application of distraction and noise, and the party proceeded undisturbed without further incident.
  • Two weeks were lost as the Inquisition did a full sweep and purification of the Corpus Dei, ensuring that the sorcerous sister had not left a deeper corruption in her wake.
  • Anna started having fits and flashes of panic. Lux was able to discern that the problem stemmed from a terrible threat approaching Grace.
  • Or outdid himself, masterfully guiding the ship towards the Grace system. Moreover, the warp seemed to be actively moving and twisting to speed the vessel on its way, an event rarely seen more than once a century. Combined with the Miloslav drive, the Corpus Dei travelled from Scintilla to Grace in a mere three days.
  • This allowed the Corpus Dei to transition into the Grace system before their enemies had managed to even make the trip from the system fringe to the planet itself. Giving the crew time to assess and plan.
  • The threat turned out to be a fleet led by the Ascendancy. With all the crew had learned of Cygnus, the dark secrets of the Mechanicum, and the intrigues of the Inquisition, it was concluded that a large portion of the fleet was comprised of ships belonging to the Phaenonites, a deeply heretical and rogue faction of the Inquisition thought to have been wiped out centuries ago.
  • The true threat, however, was the Enslaver Cage aboard the Ascendancy. Over 200 of the warp-dwelling xenos, ready to devastate Grace, and possibly the Koronus Expanse and beyond if not stopped.
  • Approaching in silence the crew began to work on a plan…
  • Feight used her custom Guncutter to sneak a small strike team aboard the Ascendancy
  • Probes designed to briefly mimic the signatures of large vessels at extreme distances were deployed to create a distraction.
  • The ops squad led by Matthias sabotaged the engines
  • The forward strike team, led by Mayorga and Kerchan, managed to sneak, and then fight, their way to the bridge.
  • Captain Cygnus teleported onto one of the Phaenonite vessels, leaving a sizable team supported by maletek-corrupted Arco-Flagellants to fight off the strike team.
  • The team prevailed, and began taking over the Ascendancy. Firing its weapons at the other Phaenonite and Cygnus vessels, they then focused on ejecting the Enslaver Cage and getting it to the Corpus Dei.
  • A dangerous maneuver was performed under heavy fire, but the hand-off was accoplished while the Ascendancy was battered by its former allies.
  • The Ascendancy was crippled and its shields were down, allowing the Corpus Dei to close to Teleportarium range and extract the remainder of the team.
  • There was no longer any reason for the Phaenonites to remain, and with the flagship rendered useless and the flotilla thrown into chaos they began to withdraw.
  • The Phaenonites deployed a strange warp-based weapon vaguely similar to a torpedo, which appeared to simply eradicate the Ascendancy entirely. They Phaenonite vessels then translated into the warp directly, which would normally be suicide in a system like Grace.
  • The rest of the Cygnus fleet would have escaped as well, but the warp storms surrounding the grace system erupted around the fleeing vessels as they entered the warp, destroying them utterly.



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