Rogue Trader - Rise of the Fallen

Chapter 1 - Return to Grace

Part 1 – Grace Revealed

One of the two most powerful Rogue Traders in the Expanse, Aspyce Chorda, summoned Mayorga and his crew to her manse on Footfall. During their meeting she explained that an old holding of hers, the Grace system, had recently emerged from a 10-year long warp storm. She offered the Mayorga Dynasty claim to the system along with any salvage or resources found within it. In exchange, she simply required the reclamation of a “package” left behind when Grace became cut off from the rest of the galaxy. While suspicious, the dynasty’s crippled finances and Chorda’s considerable influence left Lord-Captain Mayorga little choice but to agree.

Before embarking High Factotum Edmund Swift sought some arrangements for additional backing for this endeavor. The Kasballica Mission of the Black Brotherhood agreed to offer support and a channel into the black market. In exchange the Brotherhood required the confirmed death of Dobren Vakis, a former member that had gone rogue. Vakis had run to Grace for Chorda’s protection before the storm erupted, and they wanted to make sure he was truly dead.

A contract with one of the larger Narco-Gangs on Footfall offered to buy any Grace Gyn that the Dynasty could acquire at a premium, just so long as they were guaranteed right of first refusal on the supply (including future production).

The Astral Knives, a divinatory death cult with a great deal of influence on Footfall, offered their support in exchange for transporting a group of their assassins to a specific location on Grace, an old Estate. They planned to enact a purge on whatever they found there, as their divinations had told them they must do in the Emperor’s name. Post-purge the assassins would convert the estate into a monastery for their order.

In final additional contract the Dynasty agreed to take on a group of colonists from The True Path, a xenophilic cult. The colonists paid quite well for this service, and also agreed to help rebuild civilization on Mayorga’s soon-to-be new holding.

While making these arrangements Swift’s contacts and Mayorga’s agents uncovered two other ventures heading to Grace. Helgred Bolger, practically a pirate rather than a proper rogue trader, appeared to be heading the Grace in the hopes of looting the estates of the extremely wealthy (presumably former/dead) inhabitants of Grace. Of greater concern was the appearance of an old rival: Gabriel Cygnus, the Rogue Trader at the forefront of the raids and annexation of house Mayorga’s assets during its fall. It was decided that these problems could solve one another, and so the Lord-Captain ordered a 3 day delay behind them on the way to Grace.

Part 2 – Warp Tides

The trip to Grace was initially uneventful but as the ship got closer to the system things started to get weird. First crewmen started reporting ghostly flickers and images on the ship and everyone began having extremely vivid dreams. This culminated with Captain Mayorga seeing a vision of a young girl (estimated to be about 10 years of age), haloed by a corona of warp-light. In this vision the child held a planet suspended over her palms in front of her chest. The floor turned to perfectly reflective glass, water, or ice. Meeting Mayorga’s eyes with her own, his awareness split… he was on both sides of the “mirror” at the same time. On one side the girl ascended on wings of light as the planet she carried began to shine with the warmth of the Astronomicon, while on the other the girl began bleeding from her eyes and ears covering the planet in blackened, corrupted blood. As the light side of the girl ascended out of sight the bloody reflection screamed as the planet was crushed in her bare hands. With the crack of the planet’s implosion Mayorga’s mind briefly snapped in response, though he was fortunate enough to not be discovered until he had recovered on his senses.

Finally, about a day or two from the Grace system the ship was surrounded by a sizable fleet within the warp. Behind the fleet a massive warp breaker threatened to wipe out the fleet and Mayorga’s flagship with it. Despite the tight window the Surfeit was able to make an emergency transition into the materium. As the vessel began to shift out those with the senses to see it observed over a third of the fleet being ripped apart as the breaker caught up with them. This added another day to the trip, but given the situation there wasn’t much alternative.

Part 3 – Partying with Kaptain Kommando

After roughly 10 days the Surfeit of Moral Lassitude transitioned into the fringes of the Grace system. The bridge crew began auguring the system just in time to discover the ork raider that was initiating an ambush. After a couple hours of chest-pounding and some exchange of fire, negotiations were opened that resulted in an unusual pact with the Ork Kaptain Ammer’Ed. Coordinating efforts with the ork Kaptain the crew set a trap that would bring both competing Rogue Traders into conflict with the orks stationed on the Dagger of Fate (the space-station orbiting Grace that held the package sought by Chorda) and hopefully each other. The plan worked; while the competitors were busy with each other the Surfeit used Grace to set up an ambush of its own.

Just before launching their attack Vidame noticed another vessel, a Lathe-class monitor cruiser running silent in the shadow of Grace’s moon, clearly positioned to sweep in and mop up the survivors once everyone was done killing each other. After some deliberation the vessel was identified as the “Explorator KE-XVII”, helmed by a censured Tech-Priest known colloquially as “Ferdinand” (actual name: Brother XXCv-177a-888). Enginseer Prime Vinter Stum confirmed that, while he had not been excommunicated or accused directly of heresy, the Mechanicum had rescinded their protection of and their responsibility for Ferdinand due to both his suspected involvement in a number of serious crimes and his known heterodoxical practices. With a slight shift in plans the course was altered so as to ambush the fallen tech priest instead.

The combination of a brutal opening salvo and a devastating boarding action led by Master at Arms Kerchan Bron Kennok left Ferdinand with little opportunity to do anything but flee, which is exactly what he did. Leaving his ship behind Ferdinand took an escape pod to the surface of Grace. While the crew of the Surfeit was busy taking Ferdinand’s vessel apart, Ammer’Ed came down on Cygnus’ cruiser from off the elliptic. Already battered from his battle with Bolger’s raider, Cygnus was in no position to contend with the ork’s overgunned ship as well. Cutting his losses he ran only to have Bolger come to the same conclusion and attempt to flee shortly thereafter. Ammer’Ed would have gone for the bigger target but Cygnus deployed an Ghost Field of some sort and vanished from both sight and sensors.

Ammer’Ed set off after Bolger while Mayorga’s crew looted the monitor cruiser and set up a prize crew. A few hours later, a victorious and practically jovial Ammer’Ed returned with a stripped down raider hull in tow. Deciding that he really didn’t want to expend the crew, resources, and repair costs that clearing the orks from the space station would require, Mayorga made a generous offer to the Kaptain: clean out the other orks and the (mostly intact) cruiser was his. The Kaptain agreed and had the Surfeit punch a hole in the side of the station just before he rammed the nose of his raider into it, spilling most of his crew into the heart of the station and kicking off a level of carnage that only orks could produce.

With the job complete Ammer’Ed took possession of the cruiser. Final negotiations to establish a long-term arrangement between the ork privateer and the dynasty were settled; the dynasty would trade weapons for the various luxury goods hauled in by the orks. Once the details and some meeting sites were finalized, the Kaptain set off with his prizes for other systems.

When the crew finally found Chorda’s package, most of those present recognized it for what it was: a dark-age of technology suspension tank. After a great deal of discussion it was decided that investigating the contents was worth the risk, and Vinter carefully took apart the outer casing to get a look. Inside was one of Aspyse Chorda’s older sisters, whom she had placed in stasis as a means of taking her dynasty’s warrant of trade for herself. The casing was quickly reassembled around the device and put in a secure compartment.

Part 4 – Port Chorda

With the immediate goal achieved it was time to secure the system and establish Mayorga’s claim, as well as fulfill the terms of the other contracts. Scanning the surface it was discovered that the capitol and starport of Port Chorda still had a small urban population that had managed to hold together for the previous 10 years.

When the Lord-Captain touched down he was met by a ragged reception of survivors led by “Director” Gallo. While he came off as grateful and obsequious, he was kept occupied with logistics arrangements while the bulk of the team slipped away to investigate. A number of potential concerns were discovered and Vidame made contact with one of Gallo’s staff, Lady Fulci.

Later some of the team met with Fulci, who offered to help secure the dynasty’s interests on Grace and spill the secrets of Port Chorda’s people in exchange for protection and a life of comfort on a world far from Grace. Given their suspicions and the rather simple request she was making, the crew agreed. She then sketched out the hierarchy of Port Chorda, along with who was loyal to whom. In addition she revealed the real secret of the town’s leaders: that they were cannibals hunting the feral humans out in the wastes to feed their hunger and grind the remnants down into a gruel of meat and marrow for the rest of the unknowing citizens.

With this revelation and Fulci’s assurance that she could manage spin control if they worked together an immediate decision was made by Kerchan and First Officer Vidame Mayorga: Director Gallo had to die, and he had to die right now. So that night Fulci made sure the guards were distracted for a few minutes while Kerchan snuck into Gallo’s room and butchered him into bloody chunks. With Gallo’s death Fulci consolidated power behind house Mayorga while Kerchan made the rounds as a blood-splashed reaper, ripping the cannibalistic leadership apart with her chainswords.

Part 5 – Lost Signal

The next priority was the Astropathic and communications hub, Signal Station One. The station was located near the northern pole of the planet, making for a cold and nervous security detachment. While the troops secured the exterior Master at Arms Kerchan Bron Kennok led a team into the station along with Choir Master Telepathica “Lux”, Enginseer Prime Vinter Stum, and First Officer Vidame Mayorga.

The station was clearly haunted, echoes of some terrible mass-slaughter continued to play out with greater intensity and clarity as the team continued their exploration. After some time spent psychically assessing the facility, Lux was able to locate the heart of the disturbance in the lower levels where the choir-chambers were located.

When the team approached the sealed vault door to the choir chamber it was evident that the wards had been broken from the inside. As they prepared to open the vault, warp-infused corpses rose from the ground and began tearing at the team. At the same time Lux detected powerful telekinetic effects triggering security doors and sealing the building around them.

A long and messy battle with what seemed like an endless supply of warp-zombies wore the team down while Lord Captain Mayorga led a rescue attempt with the rest of his command crew. When the last wall was finally breached there was a moment of silence, then the vault door exploded outward to reveal a horrific fleshy mass that had once been the astropaths of the station.

Now merged into a single terrible warp-beast the mass unleashed withering psychic attacks while sending a continued wave of warp-possessed corpses at the crew. Unfazed, perhaps even appearing amused, Warp Guide “Master Or” stepped forward and opened his warp eye before the oncoming horde. While the beast pulling the strings was unperturbed the wave of energy disrupted the animating forces of the zombies, allowing Kerchan and the Captain to rally the rest of the crew and turn the tide of the conflict.

No longer needing to focus on keeping the zombies at bay, and with the rest of the crew keeping the monster physically contained, Choir Master Telepathica “Lux” began to shred the minds of former peers and tear the monster’s very soul apart. The flow of the fight had turned against the warp-creature; it was then shredded and vaporized both physically and spiritually.

Part 6 – Cleaning Up the Mess

With the entity disposed of the Station could be cleansed and reconsecrated. However, a more immediate problem was discovered as the smoke cleared; both Kerchan and Lux had been infected by an unknown warp-tainted illness during the last battle.

The crew returned to the ship so the afflicted members could recover. With some clever experimental applications of Medicae, wards, the Warp Auger, and Gellar field technology a treatment was cultivated by Lux and the more scientifically minded crew members. The treatment worked wonders for Kerchan, but Lux’s stronger psychic presence fed the warp pathogen and presented an additional challenge.

Behind closed doors Lux and Master Or engaged in some unknown procedure to make the treatment viable and allow Lux to recover. Afterwards whatever occurred in that chamber has not been mentioned again.

The next objective was getting the Astral Knives off the ship on into their soon-to-be monastery. Kerchan and a few support staff kept clear and set up to observe once the assassins were dropped near the manor. They got quite a show as they watched the Knives butcher a chaos cult that had set up shop in their target. A few logistical arrangements were all that remained and the contract was complete. For once, things went according to plan without complications.

Close to settling the outstanding contracts, the dynasty closed in on an ideal location for the True Path cultists’ colony. A site was selected and Mayorga’s forces moved to secure the sight. No resistance was encountered, but a number of problems with the troops on site began cropping up almost immediately. Most just zoned out and refused to leave after less than an hour in the manor, some began to act dangerously delusional or unhinged.

Kerchan and a selection of the command staff moved in to investigate. The manor’s atmospheric regulators were configured to fill the manor with a euphoric haze, which was having hallucinogenic effects on a handful of the people exposed to it. In addition the manor was full of brilliant artistic works of unknown origin, though it appeared to have been created by the anonymous former residents of the manor as part of some artistic commune. The works were looted, and a brilliant treatise on artistic theory was added to the ship’s librarium: The Eris Transform.

Part 7 – The Last Sane Man

Time was invested to secure and refit the manor to ensure problems didn’t arise with the True Path in the future. During this project there were sporadic attacks from packs of the feral and cannibalistic humans previously seen scattered across the planet.

During one of the Lord-Captain’s on-site reviews of the colony development another oddity was noted. Something was stalking the captain and, despite the crew and soldier’s best efforts, only the occasional cold evidence of the stalker’s passing could be found. Finally, after a few diplomatic gestures from Mayorga, Mathias Casmirre made contact.

Stepping out of the shadow cast by Mayorga’s own shuttle, Casmirre explained that he had been surviving in the blasted lands of Grace with his daughter for years. Before the warp storm cut the planet off Casmirre had been the seneschal of planetary governor Giallo. His wife died giving birth as the storm hit the planet, and within a year it had become clear that the population was going mad, Giallo first among them. Shortly thereafter he fled into the wastes with his infant daughter.

Mathias was greatly relieved to learn of Kerchan’s purge in Port Chorda, though he still had no desire to return there after everything he’d seen. Assured by Mayorga’s results so far, Mathias offered to serve as a guide and advisor for the dynasty. Mathias even offered to swear an oath of fealty to the house, should the captain desire his service.

In exchange he asked that he and his daughter be taken from the Grace system, and that his daughter be provided and cared for. When questioned about his daughter, Mathias explained that he had never given her a name. He seemed to believe that this had protected her, that “names draw the attention of the warp” and she was never taken by “the ravenous” (his name for the feral cannibals) because they could not see her clearly without a name.

The price of Mathias’ assistance was practically nothing and his request was a humanitarian one. Thus, Mayorga saw no reason not to accept. With the deal made the nameless girl seemed to simply appear at her father’s side, apparently even more of living shadow than he. The Lord Captain nearly lost his composure when he saw her, managing to simply appear a bit surprised. On the inside he was fighting back panic; the girl was unquestionably the one from his recent vision.

Leaving High Factotum Edmund Swift and First Officer Vidame Mayorga to handle the arrangements, Lord Captain Mayorga sought the council of his astropath and seer. Choir Master Telepathica “Lux” confirmed that the girl was touched by fate, but that her future remained in flux. Some crucial catalyst would collapse her path into a single destiny, and it would be inexorably tied to the dynasty.

Part 8 – Brotherhood’s Bounty

The most immediate benefit of Mathias’ assistance was his knowledge of Dobren Vakis and his estate-turned-bunker hidden in crevices of the western canyons. This guidance alone probably saved the crew a month or more of painstaking scans and analysis. Mathias also warned that Vakis has become even more psychotically paranoid over the past few years, and had protected himself with layers of dangerously unstable automated security and defense systems.

Master at Arms Kerchan Bron Kennok and her strike team assembled to put together a plan of attack. During the analysis of the long-range scans made on the external defenses, Enginseer Prime Vinter Stum came up with a bold1 idea. Kerchan and her troops would engage at range as a distraction while he deployed directly onto the defense system’s primary system hub via orbital drop-pod.

The plan would have been fairly extreme even with proper facilities and equipment, but the Surfeit of Moral Lassitude lacked either a drop-pod launch bay or a troop-capable drop pod. Instead Vinter planned to be shot from orbit, into a comparably narrow canyon no less, encased in nothing but a reinforced supply pod. While this would certainly outright kill a normal human, it would have been risky even to an Astartes. Regardless, Vinter was certain his mechanical form would preserve him.

The command staff displayed either remarkable faith in the Enginseer’s capabilities or disturbing lack of concern for his well-being when they backed Vinter’s plan. While Kerchan and her soldiers got into position, Vinter Stum and First Officer Vidame Mayorga prepared the pod and launch sequence with as much care and precision as they could manage. With a prayer to the Omnissiah on nearly everyone’s lips, the command runes were invoked and the plan, along with Vinter’s orbital drop, was launched.

Everyone’s (presumed) faith in Vinter was well-rewarded. The pod slammed into the drop-zone with a Vindicare sniper’s precision. Vinter Stum emerged from the crater with barely a dent or scratch. Then he felt it was the time to show this cowardly would-be Heretek the price of his crude, blasphemous jury-rigging. A crackling shout of binaric static echoed through the canyon, carrying the Tech-Priest’s rebuke of the abused machine spirit’s controller.

The canyon’s machines spirits cried out in response, rallying to their savior’s side. With a mere wave of Vinter’s hand the turrets turned as one to blow open the bunker they had been tasked to protect. Kerchan and the strike team formed up around in a protective wedge around the Enginseer as they proceeded inside.

With the more aware machine spirits turned to the Tech-Priest’s cause, it was the simple and more primitive traps and defenses that remained a threat. Initially emboldened by their overwhelming success outside, Kerchan’s troops became hasty and careless. Dozens of troops were killed or severely injured by traps and explosives hidden throughout the crumbling estate-turned-bunker before Kerchan finally restored order.

Pulling back into a defensive formation and following Vinter’s lead, the strike team made slow, steady progress to Vakis’ panic room. On arrival they were faced with an entrenched defensive emplacement that would be costly to to take out directly. With his faith still enflamed by his earlier success Vinter strode heedlessly into the deathtrap of a hallway. A rebuke against the Heretek overwhelmed the auto-cannon’s spirit, leaving it bowed and silent before the Omnissiah’s emissary.

The heavily encrypted and fortified security door of the panic room flew open with barely a gesture, revealing a shocked and now terrified Vakis. The years of degenerative insanity and paranoia had not been kind to him, but there was no question of his identity. Furious at the cost in her soldier’s lives exacted by the wretch, Kerchan pulled out a shock-maul and worked Vakis over with cruel brutality.

Dobren Vakis was captured alive. He was a lump of singed and mangled flesh, in a deep coma, and had to be carefully ministered by Vinter until he could be placed in stasis. Still, he was alive and that would carry even greater favor with the Black Brotherhood.

Realizing that the bunker could be restored with a decent amount of reconstruction, Vinter drew up plans for the dynasty’s crew to begin work. The facility would soon serve as the dynasty’s military command and observation facility.

1 (GM’s Note) Read: Balls-Out Crazy

Part 9 – Estate of Grace

The primary task was complete, the system secured, and the dynasty’s various contracts resolved. All that remained was to clear out and loot the various palatial estates of Grace’s former elite. Regular scans had been performed and analyzed over the weeks that the Surfeit had been in orbit, and a number of likely targets had been assembled. This was then refined further with Mathias Casmirre’s information.

Forward teams were systematically sent down to assess and secure each location, then a collection team would strip the estate down once the site was determined to be safe. Most of the estates were stripped down in less than a day’s work with little incident. Of course there were a few complications.

Some locations were simply curiosities. The estate that would be converted to the Mayorga’s personal manor was built on a cliffside with a breathtaking view of a storm-wracked ocean. The estate’s facilities were lavish and left in remarkable condition despite having been abandoned for nearly a decade. Built into the cliffside itself, below the manor, was a large and well-hidden medical research facility filled with restraining devices and equipment of extremely questionable origin and application.

Another site was much more worrisome. Initially it simply appeared to be a compound for a group of cold-traders. Only with further investigation and the insights of the crew’s Xenographers Edmund Swift and Vidame Mayorga was it revealed as a haven for a Xenos conspiracy, almost certainly the Slaughth. With this revelation a tight quarantine was put into place.

Most of the xenos artifacts were seized and put into secure lockup. A handful were determined to be too abhorrant and dangerous despite their considerable value to the Black Brotherhood’s clientele. The most disturbing find was not a device, however. A map of the Imperium with a number of worlds flagged and marked for some insidious purpose was plastered on the wall of a large meeting room.

One world had been crossed off the map in red: Acreage. Acreage was a formerly prosperous agri-world that had recently fallen into a bloody civil war whose body-count was only continuing to climb. Referencing the other designated worlds from the map, it was clear that nearly all of them had been showing recent signs of civil unrest and escalating violence.

Other estates had become charnel-houses used by the more successful ravenous packs, a couple had the last surviving remnants of various heretical cults, and one held a small group of Giallo’s cannibalistic loyalists that had fled before Kerchan’s purge. All were put to the sword in short order, a few estates were even razed as a precaution against contamination from the previous inhabitants.

Part 10 – Logical Efficacy

Within less than a week every estate had been swept clean, cataloged, and looted. Details were filled in on the arrangements with the new leaders of Port Chorda, the colonists of the True Path, and the Astral Knife monastery. Final preparations were now underway for the voyage back to Footfall.

One loose end concerned Enginseer Prime Vinter Stum: “Ferdinand” was almost certainly still alive and running free on Grace. Vinter was certain this would become a major problem if left alone, and began trying to locate or contact the wayward Magos. It didn’t take long to establish a dialogue.

The fallen Magos was entirely reasonable and was not going to let emotions over the loss of his ship prevent him from moving forward. He was willing to purchase passage off Grace back to Footfall or any Forge/Hive World. It was in response to this request that the most notable differences in Explorators and Magi were displayed.

Vinter expressed complete understanding and acceptance of Ferdinand’s position and request, and agreed immediately on behalf of the dynasty. Arrangements were made for the pick up and Vinter headed out via shuttle to escort the Magos personally.

The two disciples of the Machine God discussed a mix of shop and recent events amicably on the flight back towards the ship. Vinter went over the Magos’ itinerary and the arrangements that had been made for him, along with the generous assistance that House Mayorga would be providing to the Magos in exchange for his agreement not to contest the loss of his vessel with the Mechanicum.

Then Vinter Stum shot Brother XXCv-177a-888 in the back of the head with a plasma pistol. The Magos died instantly. Vinter stripped the dead Magos’ records from his cortex implants then kicked the corpse out of the shuttle in high-orbit over the ocean, confirming the corpse’s complete incineration and scattering of its ashes before directing the shuttle back to the ship. Problem solved.

Part 11 – Payday

With his immediate usefulness at an end, Mathias met with the Lord-Captain to determine the long-term arrangements for him and his daughter. In gratitude for his child’s rescue, he asked that the Lord-Captain be the one to grant her a name. Choir Master Telepathica “Lux” felt the skein of fate’s weave shift and tighten, and with a glance made it clear to Lord Mayorga that this was no small matter.

Lord Captain Mayorga spent a moment in reflection, and graciously excused himself. A short time later he returned with a small jewelry box, withdrawing from it a small but exquisitely crafted locket. “This was worn by my mother, Anna Mayorga. Along with this charm I grant you her name.” Turning to her father the captain continued, “My ship has need of a skilled Steward, and from what you’ve told me of your previous life you should be able to fill that role.”2

Now Ship’s Steward Mathias Casmirre, the man was overwhelmed by the Lord-Captain’s gesture. He accepted the honors bestowed on his family humbly, and immediately set to work. All the while Lux’s blind eyes watched the threads of fate collapse into a new form with tense anticipation. The meaning of those threads has thus far eluded the seer, but the child’s fate was tied more tightly to the Captain’s in that moment than even Lux’s considerable talent could have foreseen.

Setting course for the edge of the Grace system, the captain simply left a beacon attached to the transport stating his ownership of the hulk as an extension of his claim to the system. From even the distant assessments of the Navigator and Astropath it was clear that the vessel was dangerously warp-tainted. Feeling that the staff and crew had already pushed their resources far enough, it was decided that he would rather contract specialists to clear and secure the hulk once the rest of the endeavor was resolved.

The trip back to Footfall was unusually fast and calm. The Surfeit of Moral Lassitude was secured in the void-docks of Footfall for proper repairs and ritual reconsecration in thanks for the great machine spirit of the ship’s remarkable service and the crew allowed extensive shore leave. At the same time Mayorga and his most trusted officers took Chorda’s “package” to her estate, glad to be free of it.

Aspyce Chorda was pleased with the results of Mayorga’s work. Lord Mayorga was surprised to see that she even seemed pleased at the success he’d had in taking control of her former holding. her reaction to Mayorga’s reports made it apparent that she really did hold an irrational resent of the system.

The narco-gang, the True Path, and the Astral Knives all fulfilled their side’s of the deals made with House Mayorga. Of particular note, the hand-off to the Black Brotherhood was exceptionally gratifying and rewarding. While nothing regarding their plans for Vakis was revealed rumors eventually came back that they had gone to extensive lengths to restore his mind and body, all simply so they could torture and break him more completely.

The live capture of Vakis combined with the collection of xenos artifacts recovered from Grace added up to quite the payoff, and the dynasty’s continued business with the Brotherhood had made the Ork trade-route even more profitable since. Even that didn’t compare to the sheer scale of wealth from the estates of Grace that packed the ship’s hold to nearly bursting.

2 (GM’s Note) I’m not 100% on the details in this paragraph, let me know if any of this is different from what you remember.

Part 12 – Aftermath

The reclamation of the adrift transport left behind, the Widening Gyre, turned out to be considerably more expensive than expected. It had turned out that the warp drive had been bleeding the immaterium into the ship for years without containment. Warp beasts wiped out the first team of mercenaries that had been sent in. Significant strings had to be pulled with the Mechanicum and some extremely questionable underworld figures to get the ship exorcised and cleansed, though the cost was still far less than the value of an intact warp-capable transport vessel.

The haunted transport was given an extensive refit and repair, though the dynasty could not yet afford a full overhaul. It was then tasked with a trade route rotating through Footfall, a couple of nearby colonies, and the meeting with Ammer’Ed. So far this has been profitable, and with the later addition of a proper escort the inherent risks of the route have been greatly reduced.

Once the dynasty’s vessels had finished being serviced, the assets of the endeavor consolidated, and the crew restored and new members brought up to speed, the command crew was refreshed and ready to take on the next endeavor…



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